Friday, February 6, 2015

Preparing our families and homes for Lent

Spring, Easter and the weeks leading up to Easter are my very favorite by far. It's lovely to tuck sunny daffodils into wide mouth glass jars and open the windows in the afternoon to let in a bit of  spring air.  We always host a big Seder dinner on Good Friday with friends and family so I find myself planning a simple and lovely table and making lists of all the details.  Those things are nice and I love nothing more than making my home a welcoming place, but one thing I love even more than all of that... are the conversations I get to have with my children over these holiday traditions we participate in.

In years past, we have made resurrection cookies (always a huge hit) and enjoyed going over the true meaning of Easter with our little pack of hoodlums.  Last year my kids had a lot of curiosity about Lent.  They went to school with friends who proclaimed they were giving up this or that and they wanted to know what it was all about.  We did our best to explain things but this year I found a treasure and I can NOT wait to share it with you (and my kids!) 

Before I share, I was curious if any of you remember the lovely Royal name crown ornaments on my Christmas tree... or the conversation ribbons I tied our Thanksgiving napkins with?  Those items came from the Ever Thine Home site.  I'm a big fan.  I used to listen to the radio program, Family Life Today every single day when my kids were little. Dennis Rainey, the sound parenting advice, the daily guests, the book recommendations and all of the resources became one of my mama lifelines, so when I saw that Barbara Rainey had created the Ever Thine Home collection which contained a ton of gorgeous ways to incorporate faith into one's home, I was ecstatic.  (I flipped out just a little bit more when they asked me if I would like to partner up with them as an affiliate and share some of these things with you guys.  That was an easy YES!)

So.  Let me tell you about the Messiah Mystery.  We have already fully checked it out and you're going to love doing this with kids or grand kids!  It all comes in a box and you'll get- a gorgeous fabric covered guidebook, a 40 day paper chain kit (to count down the 40 days of Lent) that comes apart each day piece by piece to create a work of art with a clue, and a few notebooks and a magnifying glass.  (Side note, if you want your children to get excited no matter what age they are, make them use a magnifying glass to read a secret message.) (Just saying.)

My kids loved making the paper chain.  Total hit, even at their ages.  The guidebook has 6 weekly lessons you can read through with your kids to uncover the 2000 year old mystery!  What I love is that it's already gotten them intrigued.  My children love anything that seems like it's going to be a daily countdown.  I also love that there are sweet words of encouragement to parents and even single parents right in the front pages of the guidebook.  Like a hug and a "you can do this!" pat on your back.  I also love that they are only once a week lessons because y'all... let me tell you, during the springtime I just about lose my ever loving mind with all the family birthdays we have, spring break + Easter holidays.  There's just never enough time... so this is perfect because I can do this.

A daily countdown... and a once a week meaningful yet fun reading with my kids?  Sign me UP!

The nice thing, is that if you order now you'll have it in time to start with Lent.  If you're interested, the sweet folks at Ever Thine Home have also offered you guys a 15% off coupon!  You can place your order here or click on the button below to order, and when you check out, use the code "LEMONADE" for your discount.

Be sure to check out all the other goodies Ever Thine Home has for your  home while you're there! 
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  1. Good Golly Miss Molly! I just placed my order and can not wait. It will be perfect for this year.

  2. Oh, thanks for sharing this site. I am a big fan of Family Radio and love Dennis and Barbara but somehow missed that she had this site. I see some great items. Great pics of your sweet kiddos!

  3. love this but WOW look at Joe!! He IS SO GROWN UP!! I've reading your blog for 3 years I think and it just blows my mind how grown up your kids are lol jeez it sounds like I know them! nope just read your mommas blog xD

  4. I just placed my order and can not wait. It will be perfect for this year.