Friday, February 27, 2015

Sharing Heartcrafted Co. & a GIVEAWAY!!

Lately, I've gotten to review and share so many fun shops, people and products.  I think there is something so special about encouraging people who are trying to earn an income from the work of their hands, by sharing them, and their talents.  Today, I'm thrilled to introduce you to my new Insta-friend Amanda.  I'm not sure how I found her on Instagram, but I did, and immediately loved her!  She has gorgeous handwriting and a sweet, sweet heart. (You know how important that part is to me by now.)

Anyway, her shop is called Heartcrafted Co., and she sells gorgeous wood signs for all kinds of occasions.  They also make rubber stamps... I know, right? {Tell me you get this total love affair I've got with rubber stamps?  Yes? I knew I liked you.}

So, after I Insta-drooled all over Amanda's feed she asked if I'd like one and if I'd also like to give one to one of you.  I think my fingers were replying with a screaming YES before my brain even had a chance to think of the answer.  SO EXCITED!!
The packaging and details were so adorable I had to photograph them and share.  I mean... kraft, chalk, burlap-ish- jute ribbon... seriously, I was exclaiming {and alarming} my children the entire time I was unwrapping my goodies.
My stamp.  I want to mail everyone I know a letter at this point because of this stamp.  I am convinced of this fact- having never had a home address stamp before, it might be one of the most fun parts of the entire mail process.  {And er... sorry for the obnoxious white banner over my exact location.  Not that it much matters at this point but I'm sure you get it.}

I love how fun this makes my mail now.

I wanted to share the other sweet wood signage they sell over at Heartcrafted Co. so you could see the level of adorable-ness I'm talking about here!  I was chatting with Amanda over emails as I prepared to get this post scheduled and she said, "My husband and I have always been makers, but we officially started Heartcrafted Co. a year ago after I took a calligraphy course and fell in love. We create hand lettered wood signs and rubber stamps - He works with the wood and I do the lettering. It has been such an adventure building a business out of hobbies that we both really love and can do together, and we feel so lucky to be able to share our heart-crafts with the world!"

Don't you just adore that?  So, I'm here to give this stamp away to one of you today! (Er, in a few days anyway.)  You know you want one.  Amanda is going to be drawing a random winner from  your comments, so in order to win, please take a look at her shop and then leave her some feedback in comments.  (Consider letting her know which items are your favorite- I'm sure she would love to hear what you guys are partial to!)  If you want to get a few extra entries, feel free to tweet, Instagram, Pin or facebook this giveaway and leave a separate comment for each one letting Amanda know that you did that please and I'll be back in a few days to let you know who Amanda has chosen!  Fingers crossed that it's YOU! 

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Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

What a great little shop! Love the return address stamp and all the rustic signs, especially Dream Big Little One!

Sandra Pearce said...

Her writing is beautiful!

NikkiR55 said...

Love the Return Address stamp and the christmas chalkboards. Such gorgeous lettering!!

wendy said...

I love the Christmas chalkboards, I think the holly leaves make it very festive.

lesleyana said...

love love love......her lettering is amazing!

Alex Alford said...

Oh boy! I love this little stamp! I have been searching for one! The signs for nurseries are so sweet too... Would love to hang one in our baby girl's room. I also love the Micah 6:8 sign. They would look so great in our new house (and I would LOVE a new stamp with our new address!). So many great things though. Hard to pick just one.

Alex Alford said...

I pinned the giveaway on Pinterest :)

Alex Alford said...

Tweeted about the giveaway on Twitter!

Sally @DrinkingFromMySaucer said...

CUTE STUFF -- and oh that address stamp. Love it!

Jensamom23 said...

What a fantastic shop! I really like her "Go out for adventure, come home to love" It makes my wandering heart happy. Thanks for the intro, Sasha and for the chance to win.

Traci said...

I love to send occasional cards for no reason...and this would be AWESOME to fancy up the envelopes!! Nice!!

Michele said...

I love the stamp! I also love the wood sign that says, "Dream big little one." :)

Holly said...

I have wanted one of these return address stamps for the longest time!

Bebe said...

The address stamp is super cute!

Psalm 34:1 said...

Love the signs and the address stamp!

onescrappychick said...

Oh. My. Gosh! How awesome is this shop? Love the wood signs. LOVE the Micha 6:8 sign. Can I tell you how often this verse has come to me in the last month or two? Hello God? I'm listening! The stamp is adorable. My rubber stamps are sitting sad and neglected (and we won't talk about how many there are, no ma'am) because I am just too dang busy right now to use them.
<3 B

Deborah said...

I really love the return address. Especially the font. Thanks for the opportunity.

jill said...

What a great shop! Love the "go out for adventure" sign and the Micah 6:8 sign. Love that address stamp too!

Rachel Schumacher said...

Love this stamp, and that adorable packaging sure adds to its cuteness! I also love her Ruth signs and the wood slice signs. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

lil'monkeysmama said...

What beautiful work! I love 'Little One you are loved more than you'll ever know'. It hits home especially because I have a newborn! Fingers crossed.

lil'monkeysmama said...

I 'facebooked' this giveaway.

c4d61242-bee8-11e4-bcda-c3ddf4a974b0 said...

What an awesome giveaway! :) I love the return address stamp and would love to win. I have got to bookmark the "Go out for adventure, come home for love" sign. That would be perfect in my home!

Miller Family said...

How perfect is that....the example in her address stamp post is "the Millers", that is my last name ;). Anyway, I have actually been thinking that is would be so great to have a fun address stamp just like this one! She has gorgeous handwriting...maybe I should consider a calligraphy class!? I also love that she can share this business with her hubby and make beautiful things!

Erin McGinnis said...

Oh my goodness! I LOVE this!! Her packaging, handwriting and that rubber stamp!!! I just checked out her shop for the first time and I think my favorite is the "Do Justly Love Mercy Walk Humbly". I was just thinking about either getting that stamped on a cuff or having it put in some kind of art work. This would go so well with the new decor I've been working on in my family room of burlap, natural woods and whites. I LOVE IT!!!

Shannon Fox said...

It's all really cute. I can't decide between the Ruth 1:16 sign, and the "Go out for adventure, Come home for Love" sign. Our family has moved six times for my husband's job, and none of those places were in my home state of Ohio. So, I relate to both signs personally. I'll definitely be buying one to add to my gallery wall! Thanks for the introduction!

Sarah said...

Love the "Go out for Adventure, Come home for Love" sign!

Christy said...

Stamps make the ordinary so much more fun. I would love the return address stamp. I really like the Mr and Mts signs too. Everything is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Christy said...

Oops! I meant Mrs. :)

Deb Hrabik said...

What a sweet shop! Love the "You are my Sunshine" sign plus everything else!
The stamp would be a great gift to give too.
Thanks for introducing us!

Angela said...

I love everything, but the signs from Ruth 1:16-17 caught my eye. That verse is engraved in mine and my hubby's wedding bands.

Angela said...

I love everything, but the signs from Ruth 1:16-17 caught my eye. That verse is engraved in mine and my hubby's wedding bands.

Jeannie S said...

Beautiful creativity! I love the chalkboards!

Shelley Otto said...

This stamp my just save the lost art of letter writing. So much prettier than address labels. Love the Eat, Drink, and be Merry chalk board. The texture of the frame makes it pop!

Arielle said...

I just moved away for law school and would LOVE LOVE LOVE one of these for my new address! :) I love her etsy shop and added it as a favorite! I also just love the wooden signs! I have my eye on the "go out for adventure, come home for love one" :)

Michelle Foreman said...

Sasha, I LOVE that you share and encourage the talents of others on your blog! Amanda's shop is too cute. Her note to you is lovely. And the packaging...swooning over here! I'm a bit obsessed with kraft paper! The "All You Need is Love" is my favorite...but if my kids were still babies, I would have to have the "Dream Big Little One" sign. Her lettering is gorgeous. Oh, I would love to win one of her stamps! I'm getting reading to open my own Etsy shop soon, and would love to use one of Amanda's stamps to send out my goodies. :)

Liz said...

Thanks for another wonderful giveaway! I've posted it on Pinterest too! I love the Rustic Wood Wedding signs. Since I am a grandmother now I'd love to add the names of the children and grandchildren on individual signs whenever they join our family! Beautiful, just beautiful!! Blessings!

jan said...

I LOVE the return address stamp... SO fun!

jward said...

I've wanted an address stamp for years! Yours is beautiful!!!

Melissa's Thoughts said...

I love the address stamp and the fact that I can choose the ink according to the envelope. I loved her site too. I have a friend that we just found out is having a girl and then another friend getting married. I will be visiting this site for some "goodies".

Kayla said...

The address stamp is so awesome! Her wood signs are super cute also!

Erin J said...

I love this lettering! I would SO love to win one of these stamps! :)

Erin J said...

I love this lettering! I would SO love to win one of these stamps! :)

Momma Bug said...

Amanda, I love your custom Bible verse signs, but all your hand lettered signs are so lovely!
I would be thrilled to have this beautiful stamp. Thank you for sharing your sweet gifts with Sasha so we could all enjoy them!


Momma Bug said...

Amanda, I love your custom Bible verse signs, but all your hand lettered signs are so lovely!
I would be thrilled to have this beautiful stamp. Thank you for sharing your sweet gifts with Sasha so we could all enjoy them!


Linda said...

The Bible verses are great, Happy to have the chance to win the address stamp.

Lynn Riggs Driver said...

So, so pretty. I love all of them! Favorites are the Bible verses, and the return address stamp. Been wanting one of those! Pinning. ;)

Karen said...

I love her style! I actually have one sign on my wish list, now! I love the Bible verse ones the best.

Victoria said...

I love love love the address stamp! I also like the dear little one wood sign and the merry and bright chalkboard sign! Whata fun giveaway!

Becky Cunningham said...

I love the address stamp...such a neat design. The bible verses are beautiful!

Em Ma said...

I absolutely love the Wooden Hand Lettered Calligraphy Return Address Stamp - this would be perfect for us as we just purchased our first house! I also really like the Dream Big Little One Wood Sign - Hand Lettered Calligraphy

Em Ma said...

Shared on Facebook:

Em Ma said...

Shared on Pinterest:

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