Friday, February 20, 2015


Today I get to share about something a dear friend of mine, named Laura, recently started up!  I think you're going to love this you guys. It's called TINbox™ and it's a monthly subscription box filled with cute as can be decor items for your home. (It's kind of like stitchfix... only for your house- or like a really awesome magazine subscription.) Laura owns a little boutique so she is truly the perfect person to have come up with this.  You subscribe to the service, shipping is ALWAYS FREE, and you get to choose between a Prestige box (filled with 3-5 items which retails at approx $85) or the Elite box (filled with 2-4 items which retails at approx $60.) I was given an example of what a Prestige box might contain and received five items. Hop over to Sew a Fine Seam to see what an example of a Elite box might look like. 

Everything is bound to be cute and will help to create a warm and welcoming home.  I love that she has set this up with two options- that way you can choose according to your budget. 

Laura says, "You might receive a picture frame, you might receive a candle, you might receive handmade soap, you might receive a cute sign, you might receive a handmade print done by an artist, you might receive a set of herb markers, you might receive a decorative kitchen item, but whatever you receive in your TINbox™ will brighten your day and your home!  Each month will be different items so you'll never know what you're going to receive and that's the best part!" 

(I wholeheartedly agree with her!) 

What I love most about Laura, is that she not only seeks to make her home a place that glorifies Jesus, but she seeks to make it a haven for her friends and family and she has created TINbox™ from that sweet heart.
She sent me a sample box of things you might find one month... I can't tell you how adorable these things were, and how fun it was to incorporate them into my existing home decor. I wanted to show you where I put a few of these fun items... (though I am aware that I have shown way too much of this room from this angle lately and I'm sorry.) Right away, I fell hard for the soy candle. It's already moved from room to room with me a few times.  I was working in my office and I actually carried it lit, from the kitchen, to my desk.  I'm showing it here next to my guest bed. 

 I love the little cute soap too.  I have a thing for bar soaps.  Meaning that I actually prefer them over liquid.  Adrain agrees and we have a bar of yummy smelling soap in our master bathroom.  I like the old fashioned feeling about bar soaps... and I actually can't believe I'm talking so much about soap.

Don't read too far into that.  I think it probably speaks volumes about my life right now. Har!
 I tucked a few long matches into a glass votive.

 I actually had the candle beside my sink all week so here's a few photos with it there.  (And please feel free to drool over the darling vintage bike dishtowel that I pulled out of my TINbox™ that is hanging on my stove handle.   I won't lie- I threatened small people within an inch of their lives if they wipe a dirty face or finger on it.)

 And the frame... I think that was actually my favorite thing.  I had a perfect little photo of Adrain and I, and immediately added it to my bookcase collection.  It fit right in and I love cute, and stylish little frames like this one!
 I think it would be so much fun to give a TINbox™ as a wedding shower gift, or as a housewarming gift or a Mother's day gift... or even just to yourself if your house needs a bit of a pick -me-up.  I love Miss Laura- we were discussing her future plans for TINbox™ the other day, and she has big plans... it's only going to get better and better!

I love the opportunity to share precious ladies like her with you.  She has the sweetest heart for Jesus and for making our homes lovely spaces.  I think you'll love her and her new business venture to pieces!
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  1. What a great idea. I love all the items. It's a little much for my budget right now, but hopefully will be able to work it in.

  2. That is the most awesome box of goodness, no wonder you have been having so much fun with it. And I could totally say "oooh" and "ahhhh" over pictures of your home all day long :)

  3. What a cute, cute idea! Thanks for sharing!

  4. That soft answer turns away wrath is presh! Such a fun idea.

  5. What an awesome idea! I love your kitchen. Did you create that sweet little print with the flowers on it that says Soft Answers? It's very pretty.

  6. Sounds so up my alley! Thanks for sharing Sasha!