Sunday, March 8, 2015

Easter table ideas

When I'm setting a holiday table, I tend to like simplicity. And what I mean by that, is that I veer toward things that take me five minutes to put together but look like they took a lot longer.  Does that make sense? It's funny because I am not lazy, but I'm a total short-cutter. When Becky was here last week she was picking my brain about all our regular dinner recipes and they were all like "open two cans of this, and throw them into this pot... or toss frozen chicken breasts into a crock pot with this container and that cheese, or dump these five things together and walk away for an hour."  See? Total short-cutter.  Or maybe I AM lazy.  Either way, I get the job done with minimal fuss and effort, and that makes it easy to shift the focus to the people, rather than all of the fussy details.

I love sending people away with something too, and calling it a take home gift. I especially enjoy setting a table that will be remembered because there was good conversation, laughter and memories made there, not simply because the table decor was pretty, though a pretty table never hurt anyone I always say.

I received a box of the "His Savior Name adornaments and stands" from Ever Thine Home last week and I LOVE them!! They are truly a delightful way of reminding everyone present what the Easter holiday is about!  I had gobs of ideas on how to use them but in the end I decided to use them as my table decor, keeping His precious Name front and center.  {You could also set them on a bookshelf, or hang them on a garland, set them in a kitchen window, or place them on an end table using the pretty stands they go with. You could even place them into little planters and give them as gifts- which I almost did, but in the end they became the centerpiece.

 First, I headed to the garden store and nabbed some plants.  I picked out baby daffodils for the centerpiece (because they also matched the yellow gingham napkins I found at Marshall's a few weeks ago) and some white hyacinth plants for each place setting. {A friend of mine recently gifted me some adorable lettuces in a brown bag tied with twine and I was inspired to use that sweet wrapping idea for these.}

I wrapped a folded piece of simple brown paper {I get my rolls at Sherwin Williams} around each plant and tied them with twine.  Simple to make and took about a minute of my time.
 I love a layered table setting.  It normally confuses my people but I'm pretty good at explaining "Set the little plates aside for dessert and use your bowl for salad" when we're dishing.  I don't know why that makes me laugh.  My family just knows by now to ask me what I want them to do.  {Then they tease me and call me Bossy butt Sasha.}

My favorite part was the centerpiece because it took very little time and turned out very sweet.  I have a few wood rounds, and I've gotten them all at Michaels over the past year using my 50% off coupons.  They work so well for centerpieces. I found an old metal container at a local shop when Becky and I were out shopping last week and knew it was perfect.  I was actually planning to use a spring form pan or cake tin if I couldn't find something else. I just wanted to add a bit of galvanized metal or texture somehow. 
 I tucked the daffodil plants, still in their original greenhouse pots right into my pan.  I kept them in their pots because I will either break it apart and give them to my guests or plant them outside later.  I topped them with moss from the craft store, then I pushed the adornaments on their stand sticks into the plants and it was gorgeous and done in about two minutes time! (The adornaments actually come with really pretty stands that the sticks fit into but I didn't need them for this centerpiece.)
The yellows and greens from the bulb plants and daffodils look so cheery and springy with the metal and rusty gold and silver finishes on these ornaments.  And... the best part- you can use the adornaments on your Christmas tree! I love how special these are. Ever Thine Home has done such a wonderful job of creating decor items that help us bring Jesus into not only our occasions but also our every day lives. 

By the way- wouldn't something like this  centerpiece be a thoughtful gift to bring to your hostess on Easter Sunday?  You could even just give the set of adornaments as a gift. I would flip over a treat like this if I was busy getting the ham ready and such. I don't think we should let hostess gifts go out of style ever.}
 I actually think this might be my very favorite Easter table. I love having His precious name right there in the middle of things, as it should be.


The other item I couldn't wait to get my hands on from Ever Thine home, was the He is Risen Easter banner. One side is burlap with white text that reads "I AM the resurrection and the Life" and then you flip it on Easter Sunday to a creamy background with gold lettering that reads "He is risen."  Oh goodness, I love it so much.

I debated hanging it on my front door but I have a big window in it, and it looked kind of funny. Adrain loved it on the door that goes into our laundry room (below) but we leave that door open so much that in the end it found a spingtime home in our entry way alongside some forsythia. 
I've shown you all of these items because I know so many of you love putting Jesus front and center in your home as well... and to make that an even sweeter event, Ever Thine Home is offering you all 15% off your orders!  Use the coupon code LEMONADE here, when you check out to get your discount.... and happy hall decking! (Can we call it hall decking if it's Easter?  I believe we can, so we shall.)

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