Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Life, Holy Week Prep and more Life

Sweet friends. How are you all doing?  Thank you all for the sweet SWEET sweet responses to my shop closing!  You all just bless our family like crazy. If you missed the announcement in my previous post, my etsy shop closes for good, on April 24th.

I'm sitting here in the kitchen writing you all which is a new place for my blogging!  Our old computer died and we found ourselves the new owners of a fancy-schmancy computer.  While Adrain was setting it up last weekend, I suggested that we put it in the kitchen and well... you know me.  A grand reshuffle of all our odds and ends took place complete with furniture moving, drawer organizing and armoire selling. (We moved our old console table back.  It had sat here for years before it was commissioned as our tv table... and Adrain hung a cute shelf up top.  I asked around and got a cork board free from a friend and then covered it with new fabric and upholstery tacks. Perfect little use-what-we-had family command center now!)

I will say, I love love LOVE having the hoodlums out where I can see them on the big computer.  We used to have a little tablet in the tiny desk that sat here... which is now in our bedroom and looks right at home in the corner in there.  We found that as they got older and projects got more in depth, they were on our computer more often than not anyway, so now they're right here in the open and that's the way (uh-huh, uh-huh) I like it!  (Can you say AccOUNTabilitY??) Oh yeah.

And not that you asked... but I'll tell you anyway.  I am in the middle of painting my kitchen island.  I do these things.  I just felt like it needed to be blue. A  bit more playful and fun.  Less serious.  Perfect for this stage of life where we hurtle out the door at high speeds to get kiddos here and there, scarf our dinners down standing around the island sometimes (I know... it's bad) and laugh and gather there with friends and family, wish we had earplugs because there is now a garage band happening just a short ways away from that very same island... it's where our family life revolves around, and is in fact the very heart of our home.  So playful, fun blue it is. Photos coming soon.  (As are home tour updates.  It had been a year or two since I updated our home tour.. I'm working on that and getting sources up in the meantime.)

And... I'm preparing for Easter (hosting Adrain's crew- yay!)  and Holy Week and I get to share these gorgeous cards from Ever Thine Home with you today.  They are so beautifully drawn that I knew I wanted to display them in our home.  I strung them up on some gray and white twine, across our chalkboard.  The backsides are numbered and have short stories and instructions for use as devotionals and even as a sort of guide though a Seder dinner-like tradition.  I believe we are going to use ours as readings for Seder.  They are wonderful and you still have time to get a pack.  There are eight of them so they would also make wonderful additions to your table top as place settings or hostess gifts if you're not hosting. You can also see my spring table ideas here, and what I used for that!  If you use the code LEMONADE when you checkout, you will receive 15% off your orders.  Click here to order!

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  1. I just love you! I love that you're always changing and rearranging, repurposing and refreshing!! I love how you create in such a way that is clean and simple and yet packs a dynamic punch!! I love your heart and how you love others and mostly how you Love Jesus! It been a while since I've told ya ~ so there it is!!! Xoxox from newjersey

  2. Reshuffling furniture is my go to when a change is needed in my world. Love yours! Enjoy.

  3. always love your space. easter! can't believe it's coming up. i'm sure you'll do it up beautifully friend.