Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Loving the Home you Have

I love this post today... and what I mean by that is that I love the subject matter for this post.  My blog friend Melissa from The Inspired Room has just written a book titled, "Love the Home you Have."  And it's full of goodness about not waiting to find the perfect home in order to make it your dream home, but rather doing things right where you are... to make your present home, the stuff of your dreams.  And I don't know about you, but in this Pinterest-crazed society, it's really easy to focus on what you don't have or what you have that is outdated or sub-par and compare and then feel like you have to keep up with everything trendy out there.  Which we all know isn't the truth and it's more like a hamster wheel that you've got to fight really hard not to climb on sometimes because it only leads to discontent with what you DO have! 

In her book, Melissa talks like she does on her blog- lots of wisdom, encouragement, sweetness and humor along with simple tips, tricks and ideas for challenging yourself and making your home work best for you, alongside creative solutions to freshening up what you've already got.

 Personally, I am a firm believer that pretty much any place you live can be your dream home and I suppose that's because in my heart, every place Adrain and I have lived has been that for us.  Including that first apartment we shared as newlyweds, where we ate breakfast on blue plastic crates while sitting on the floor because we got just enough money from wedding gifts to buy ourselves a futon. Ha! We even felt like that apartment a few years later with the blow-up couch was our dream home. Sadly, the blow-up couch wasn't a dream piece of furniture... and it had a tragic ending one night at bible study when our 6'5" friend popped it, because men who are 6'5" do not really belong on a blow-up couch... Though when you get right down to it, married adults probably shouldn't have blow-up couches anyway so all was well that ended well.

Anyway.  I love the way Melissa puts us all right at ease and says, "Creating a beautiful home is not about presenting a perfect image to the world.  It is about creating a perfect space in which to live your unique life.  A well-loved home will always be a bit of a beautiful mess."  And then she talks about how we're all different and finding the balance that is right for us is key.  And I loved that.  Because it's true.  We all do it differently and that's awesome and is also what makes our home lovely for our people.  At the end of her book, she has a 31 day challenge of things you can do to love your home.  She asked a few of us to join her and do at least one challenge in our own home, but I ended up doing a lot of them because I was so inspired by her good ideas!  I'll share three with you today.

 Day 23 is called "Happy Surprises."  She tells us to line a drawer with a colorful liner or wrapping paper, etc.  We had just moved this desk into the kitchen and I'd tossed all the items I knew we'd want in this drawer.  You know me- I would have never left it like this for long, but I loved the idea of lining the drawer with a bright color.  I found some turquoise liners and cut one to size, then used acrylic trays to contain things and I'm not kidding... every time I open this drawer it's like a happy surprise!  Way better than just a boring white drawer-bottom. 

 See what I mean? 

 I combined two of her challenges here.  Day 12 was called, "A Note to Self."  She talks about encouragement, quotes, bible verses or uplifting thoughts and gathering them on a bulletin board or such.  It was perfect because on Day 15, "Making Memories" she encouraged us to print photos from our cameras, phones and computers and put them someplace we can enjoy them..So, I was making this fabric covered cork board for above the desk and it was a perfect place to put BOTH.  Sweet images and encouraging words.

Finally, on Day 30, "Paint Something" she talked about the power of paint.  I mentioned that I was working on my kitchen island in  my previous post and shared why- it was just time for the gray (SW Light French Gray) to go away... I loved it, I just wanted to go with something a bit more cheery and colorful for this stage of life and was all inspired by Melissa.  So I painted the island in my kitchen a nice grayish blue! (SW Peacock Plume) (This above photo was an old Home Tour photo because I forgot to take a proper before photo- you can see we have also changed our light fixtures since this was taken- sometime last fall I think?) (You can see our nearly completed, and updated Home tour, here.)
 Loved it before... love it even more now.  It's very "us."  Two coats of paint, boom!

If you'd like to get your own copy of this inspiring and encouraging book, you can get yours here!

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  1. Oh, Sasha, it's so you! I love the pops of color in your kitchen. Our house was a fixer-upper when we bought it in 2001, and there are so many things that still need fixing. It gets a little overwhelming sometimes, and I just want to sell it and start over. We do have happy spaces, in spite of it, so there's that. Happy Holy Week to you. <3 B

  2. Hi Sasha! The power of paint - love it! That little change makes a big impact! xo

  3. I love your kitchen! And I just barely re-organized all my drawers. It is amazing how quickly they can become a mess :)

  4. Sasha, I could not love this more. You've inspired me! Thank you for showing these projects from your home, I love the color of your island, that looks fantastic!!! I adore your memory board and that drawer is begging me to do the same at my house! I'm just so grateful to have you a part of this day and inspiring us all to love our homes well. Thank you, friend!!!

  5. Pretty blue hue! I desperately need to organize my bathroom drawer like that!

  6. The blues and greens are so pretty! It's like bits of sea glass have scattered themselves throughout your space!

  7. Oh, I do love organized drawers and yours looks extra happy! I love everything about your precious home, so, so warm and inviting looking. Happy Easter week!

  8. Gave up Pinterest for Lent. Just ordered my copy earlier today. Working on being content. Thanks for your words.

  9. I always enjoy your posts! Your home is lovely! Do you mind me asking where you purchased your flooring from? Crossing my fingers it's a big retail home improvement store ;)

  10. I love that color on your island, it is gorgeous! I am in love with that cow picture on your counter! :)