Sunday, March 15, 2015

Shop Closing Announcement and a before and after

Hi sweet friends.  First, I want to thank you all for your kind words and thoughts about the loss of my grandmother in my previous post.  You all mean so much to me and I appreciate this little community so much. 

Many of you may remember that I was wondering what I should back away from and what to continue doing, around the first of the year.  I held all things on my plate with open hands and prayed about it, asking for clear direction.  It has become very clear to me that I need to continue blogging so continue, I shall.  It has also become very clear that my time as an Etsy shop owner has come to a close and I could go on and on about the many reasons, but in a nutshell it boils down to time that I no longer seem to have, and taxes that kill me in the end. 

 So... though business has been great and it helped us out so much in all of the small areas of making the ends meet, I am stepping out in faith to close it because I feel like I am being led to do so.  I know God will provide for our needs in other ways and I'm ready for this chapter to close.  I plan to close it on Friday, April 24th.  If you want any items from my shop you will want to get them now while it's still open. I have added holiday items back in so spread the word if you know anyone who might want them or if you've been putting off ordering, because now is the time.  You have all been so good to us and I can never thank you for the amazing support you have given me in my Etsy venture.  You have been the best customers and your sweet reviews of my art and photography have blessed me deeply.  I could have never been brave enough to try it, if it hadn't been for you ALL! 

Before I close, I have also added (the above) 7 new photography prints to my shop from my recent Montana trip and they are already selling like crazy!  I love that y'all love little pieces of the country as much as I do.  

And now... I have to share this little DIY table flip.  After making those wicker style basket weave chairs fresh again with paint and new cushions, I realized a little table for iced tea would be nice on the front porch,  so when my boss offered me an old rusted table for free, I took it right away.  I have always loved the look of metal and wood and I envisioned something along those lines for this little table.  The top was rotted wood so I knew replacing that would be necessary.  I consulted with my man about how to deal with the rust and then went for it. 

The first step was sanding the rust smooth and wiping it as cleanly as possible. I used a rust inhibiting spray paint primer first and then coated it well.

After that, I spray painted it a glossy gray.

Then, I threw the rotted table top away and found a pine table round for $6 at Lowe's.

I stained that with two coats of Sherwin Williams wood scapes stain in Harbor Mist. One thing I always use when working on a flat surface, are these little yellow triangle tent pieces.  They make painting cabinets and flat boards a cinch and nothing is flat against the drop cloth.  (I also got them at Sherwin Williams.)

 I love how it turned out! 
Now I have had a flurry of emails and questions about phone photography and how I edit them.  All of the Montana photos from my last post were taken on my phone if you can believe that because I didn't even pack my Canon.  I've dug into my phone camera functions a bit and have learned how to use the macro options for close up and shallow depth of field (when the background is blurry) and love it.  It takes photos that are as high resolution as my Canon and it doesn't weigh ten pounds either!

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S5 and for editing, my favorite app (used in all photos you see in this post) is the VSCO Cam app.  I love the textures and layers and it's like having Photoshop on your phone. I have purchased a few of the sets and most are about $2.00.  My favorites are the KK sets for outdoor colors, The HB set and the T sets which are faded and moody like this bottom shot.

I have a friend who has a newer iphone and when we have both taken photos of the same thing (I hate to say this because I know some won't agree but I promise it's truth) my phone's photos are always way better. Sorry but it's true.  Side by side comparison shows that mine are always clearer, crisper, better color and brighter.  She was shocked and wouldn't have believed it if she hadn't see it side by side.

So that's what I use and do and I hope that answers your many questions about it!  {You can order prints and photos from my shop here, until April 24th!}
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  1. Blessings to you as you lay aside this big part of your life. I am sure that you will soon wonder how in the world you ever had time to have an Etsy Shop. There will likely come another time when it will fit into your life. Have a great new week!

  2. I cannot believe all those pictures came from your phone! But I have to agree, my son has a samsung, where I have an iphone, and his pictures are so much clearer, and sharper, and just overall better. If it wasn't for all the apple apps I use, I would make the switch.

  3. You have a really pretty blog. I am new to it.

  4. You have a really pretty blog. I am new to it.

  5. Loved the info regarding your phone pics...I will keep this in mind as I need an upgrade soon. I will hate seeing your shop close, but feel so happy that I have some of your goodies. I know you will fill that "Etsy" time with teenager time...just savor it all. The good and the not so good. My Sarah turns 18 in a couple weeks and I am not sure how that happened so quickly. The ugly cry has reared its head already on several occasions just thinking about it! What a sap, I am!

  6. Hi Sasha, good luck as you close your shop and move on to other wonderful things! Just please don't stop blogging! Your words and beautiful photos are really inspiring. Thank you for the photography tips. I can't believe you got those gorgeous images from your phone camera. Never thought I'd say it but I may have to convert to a Galaxy from my iPhone! Love your porch table and chair makeovers, so pretty. Hope you and your family have a blessed Easter!

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  8. Hi Sasha, I have just found your beautiful blog and want to say that I am sorry about your Grandmother. You wrote such a touching post....I have tears. I am a new follower. Karen xx

  9. Hi Sasha, I have just found your beautiful blog and want to say that I am sorry about your Grandmother. You wrote such a touching post....I have tears. I am a new follower. Karen xx