Saturday, April 25, 2015

Her love language...

This one will be short and sweet, in light of my most recent book-long post!

I love having a daughter. Don't get me wrong, having a son is also my favorite... but there is something I just get about girls... probably because I am one.  You know?

I always laugh at how Joe's birthday comes around and he cares a lot more about the food and gifts than he does about how they are all presented... but Ava lets me know that she cares just as much about how it's all presented.  I love that.  She is totally my kid in that way.

A few months ago, I kept seeing all these pretty florals mixed with black and white and so I started planning.  Then one day I walked through Target and they had a whole party section with that theme, so apparently, I'm right on trend. I grabbed some napkins and straws and tissue paper and a gift bag. Then I went home and found a long striped table runner on Amazon (I plan to cut it up and use it for patio napkins at some point because I think I'll use those more than a runner.) along with some black and white polka dotted wrapping paper.  Love that Amazon.  She wanted a naked lemon cake topped with a flower so I did that, and bought gobs of fresh flowers for the tabletop that I placed into blue mason jars.  It all delighted her.  Which delighted me.  

Here are some party decor pictures for your enjoyment... well they're really for our enjoyment, but you can enjoy them too since you're here and all.  (grin) Sources at the bottom!


straws, napkins, gift bag and tissue paper- Target
Flowers (mums, peach roses, pink carnations and eucalyptus)- grocery store
Vintage Mason jars-sourced locally
Pink Lemonade- Trader Joes
Cake details- box lemon cake + store-bought frosting + fake peony flower topper (JoAnns)
Cake baked in two 6" cake pans (JoAnns)
Cake Stand- Marshall's 
Wood slice- Michaels

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  1. Everything looks awesome my friend... :-) That is another job you would be awesome at, party planning! I adore that talent and thanks for sharing it with us. ~Hugs~

  2. Beautiful cake, beautiful party details and beautiful birthday girl! Your kiddos are growing too fast. Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. It is all beautiful...including the girl! Happy Birthday to Ava!

  4. Absolutely the cutest! I saw a dessert table today done in black and white stripes and polka dots. It was so pretty! Have a great new week!

  5. So pretty! Happy Birthday Ava. Love your cake. I'm planning a rehearsal dinner for my son's wedding in Sept. This is very close to what I was thinking of. (planned 4 of our girls weddings and now a son's ....Job description change!!) I pinned it to help me when time gets closer. Love your blog.

  6. Pretty party! I love Ava's hair short! Too cute!