Thursday, May 7, 2015

25 Things I learned (or observed) (or loved) (or laughed) about while on vacation

Hey y'all! 

Our short trip to Cancun was a terrific success and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers to that end!  The kids did great and everyone got where they needed to be with the small village that was caring for them. We stayed at the Fiesta Americana and Adrain's company paid for everything.  It was restful with a few moments that forced me way out of my comfort zone but it was so fun and the memories are already fond. We visited the Tulum and Chichen Itza ruins on two separate days, shopped the streets Playa del Carmen where everyone was "our Amigo" and wanted to sell us everything they had, and we also spent one glorious day at the beach doing mostly nothing. We had several company sponsored events that we felt we needed to attend and those were okay- free bar and lots of drunks which we didn't enjoy but the food was delicious and we headed out early every time to go do our own thing which was wonderful.  I had to break this post into two parts- this part (a more lighthearted look at our vacation with random photos from sightseeing) and the next part which is a more heartfelt chat about some things along with our resort photos- so stay tuned, that one is coming soon!

1. When your man buys you a drink in a coconut, know this... everything tastes better IN A COCONUT!

2. My hair behaves best at home.

3. I learned that if I am seated in the middle airplane aisle and a very big and tall type, gets on the plane.. he will be my seatmateI also learned that when he falls asleep he will take over half of my seat and Adrain will take a photo of it.  (Which will not be shown here because someone might know him, and bless his heart.) (Although Adrain never tires of showing it to me and then I laugh my self silly, because of the look on my face.) I also learned once your large neighbor pulls out the beef jerky and the stench permeates the cabin, and you lean over and whisper to your husband that "He doesn't smell like Santa... he smells like beef and cheese," (from Elf) your husband will affectionately nickname the man "Beef and Cheese" and secretly refer to him as such the entire time you're on vacation because he makes nicknames for absolutely everyone he knows.  Side note- he was a very nice man. 

4. Waves.  

5. The best way to pass an evening is sitting on a deserted beach in the dark, next to your man, reminiscing about the past, giggling about how jealous he was of that one guy who put his arm around you that one time during our senior year,  and how we almost broke up over it... and talking about the future.  Because, number 4.

6. There is no way that breakfast on the beach can't be awesome.

7. Turn down service should always be a thing. 

8. Coconut is truly my favorite.  The smell, the taste. Just yes.

9. Always bring your own pen on an international flight because the flight attendants don't have any and you'll have to fill out that form before exiting the plane.  Just saying.

10. Always over pack. And always bring an extra dress or you will suddenly find yourself scrambling to make a cover up dress into a "dress" for a gathering that you didn't realize you'd be attending and trust me honey, you don't need that kind of stress (or cleavage) on vacation. Ha!

11. There is no shame in SPF 70+.  (White, freckled, Scottish/Irish girls unite!)

12. Finishing two whole books in five total days is awesome.  (1. Nobody's Cuter than You. Must read. 2. Somewhere in Paris- WWI romance and I may or may not have bought it because it referred to Downton Abbey on the cover.) 

13. It's perfectly acceptable to have a minor meltdown on day 3 away from your kids that may or may not involve tears on a tour bus and that also may or may not turn into a full blown sob after at text message that simply says, "I miss you Mama." And having a big man with broad shoulders hug and hold you and tell you it's okay that you're totally getting mascara all over him is also nice.

14. Drunk people are idiots no matter what age they are.

15. Dramamine was maybe the best drug ever invented for both turbulence and crazy tour bus drivers.

16. God cares about that banquet that you have to attend where you know everyone will be drunk or well on their way to it, the music will be loud and chaotic and it basically won't be your scene, and you will want a couple to sit next to  that you can relate to that feel the same.

17. That sweet couple from Minnesota who you had so much in common with including the exact ages of your kids, who also had an "early escape plan" and you giggled together as you snuck out  after some great conversation... were totally the answer to that prayer. Nicely done God.

18. Escape plans are hilarious.

19. There is nothing like freshly baked tortillas.

20. The universe is probably not trying to conspire against you when the last 4 out of 5 showers you took were ice cold.  Try to keep that in perspective.

21. Don't be afraid of the ceviche. It's actually amazing. It's also possible that I'm one of the most adventurous eaters I know... and thankfully I didn't get sick the whole trip... though that also might be due the extreme amounts of vitamin C gummies I was paranoidly (made up word) consuming the entire time. 

22. When traveling to a country where English isn't the spoken tongue, bring a card that explains your Gluten allergy in SPANISH. Because.

23. Always go off resort to experience the culture.

24. Deeply appreciate that fact that used toilet tissue can in fact, be flushed away, in the US.  (In spite of this, make sure you try #23.)

25. The red sauce is hot.

Random tourists and a gorgeous view, at Tulum.

 Chichen Itza

 A few bonus photos I stole from my man's phone... and a couple bonus things I learned while away:

Bonus #1.   Prepare for many, many, many seemingly redunant security checkpoints that will make you stand silently praying that y'all don't miss you flight.

Bonus #2.  Just because the line to your right is moving quicker right now, doesn't mean if you change lines, you will get there more quickly.  Patience is a virtue.  

Bonus #3. Get your Starbucks Houston mug the first time your flight hits that airport because you have a lot more time between those flights and if you don't get it then, you won't be able to get it on the next flight through because, Bonus #1.  (sad face.)

Deep thoughts and our resort photos coming next week. (I have a fun post between now and that, you won't want to miss so make sure to come back Monday for that one!)

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  1. I would love to send you a Houston Starbucks Mug! Beautiful photos as always and so glad you had an awesome time! [ if you would like a mug : ) ]

  2. Looks fabulous! Your son looks JUST like your husband! :)

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  4. #17 - I'm sure the two of you were an answer to their prayer as well!

  5. I love the clothes those Mexican women were wearing! Seriously that took some time to make. Love that you got a way and had a good time. God is awesome!