Wednesday, May 13, 2015

It's my pleasure.

 I posted half the photos we took in Mexico on Adrains work/reward trip two posts ago, and I have to say, we actually didn't take a ton of photographs on this trip.  One, because there were only three days that weren't traveling days, and two, because we were busy soaking up the moment and sometimes a camera interrupts that.

However.  Today, I wanted to talk more about the beautiful and luxurious resort we were treated to.  We were in Cancun, and the Fiesta Americana, and the minute we walked in, we could feel the whisper of an ocean breeze cool our faces. It was heavenly.  There was a moment when I looked up and saw a spacious hotel lobby with the exotic fresh flowers everywhere and thought, "Well, this is nice... " and then I looked straight ahead to the view and my breath stopped for a split second because "nice" didn't begin to cover it.  Water the color of pale aqua and then deeper blue with the sound of soothing waves hitting the sand, palms swaying in the wind and blue skies with puffy clouds above.  The foreground was of deep blue pools and cabana beds with floating white curtains, rolled up towel stations, palm covered huts and beach chairs everywhere.  It was gorgeous.

Once we walked into our room I was just tingly.  The beds were covered in white, puffy pillows and comforters and again, the view. 

There was a cute little sectional seating area with pink patterned pillows and it couldn't have been more "me."  We headed to an event and came back to soft music on the television, the cool of air conditioning, beds turned down with a little chocolate on the pillow and slippers laid out beside the bed awaiting our tired feet.  Our things were arranged in a pleasing way on the tabletops- my hairbrushes had been placed into a glass vessel.  Just little things, but all things I immediately noticed and appreciated.  My instant thought was that someone had come in there and tried to anticipate everything we would enjoy and then just gone ahead and taken care of it.  After the first morning of having my chair held out and my napkin placed in my lap and the continual graciousness of each person serving us, I picked up on something.  Every time they did something small for me and I thanked them, they responded with a smiling, "My pleasure."  

It occurred to me that there is perhaps no phrase more pleasant than that. 

It absolutely blesses the person being served and how on earth could you ever be upset with a response such as that?  And even deeper... how can I make this my constant response when serving other people?  As we drove out of the resort and chatted with some of the locals I was reminded of the more common living circumstances of so many of these sweet people serving me so lovingly.  Our guide Jorge, shared some of the struggles that he and his wife had to work around in order to make ends meet, both working two long jobs as most families must, and caring for their small children around opposite shifts. 

It humbled me to my core.  Adrain and I have only taken one other vacation like this in our life and the other was also a work reward trip (to Hawaii.)  This time felt different to me somehow.  Like, every person was going so far above and beyond what they had in their own life, to make my few days there carefree and perfect.  I struggled a bit, I'll be honest.  I felt that it was lopsided and unbalanced- too much for me.. not enough for them.  (And here I had spent the last week complaining about my broken (extra garage) freezer, weed eater and 50mm lens.  Um.  What? Hello are any of those "broken things" requirements to live?  No.  They are not. It was a nice reality check.) 

I wanted to somehow reach out and thank, truly thank, from the bottom of my heart, each person "doing" for me with such delight- me who has so much.  It took a while to process all of this and I don't think I have done it fully. I watched  many of the maids working and the servers serving, and they all seemed to take genuine satisfaction and pride and pleasure in their work.  What a blessing for anyone around them!  What a sweet example to me! I want to make it my personal goal to serve others this way, from my family to people out in the world around me.  To make the words, "My pleasure" a genuine part of my vocabulary.  Mexico will always have a little piece of my heart for showing me this example.

And with that precious thought and goal in my heart, I want to share the beatiful resort as seen through our eyes.  I wish I had taken some photos of the people serving us but I tend to feel a bit shy about asking... perhaps I'll do it the next time I get an opportunity like this.  A few of the photos below are from our big camera, but most are from our phones (both Adrain and my phone.) Adrain took some of my favorites- like the underside of a cabana umbrella.  (That was a lovely afternoon spent reading books in beach loungers, splashing in the surf, soaking up the heat, easy conversation and hand holding.)


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  1. I'm cracking up that you had two beds! That actually happened to us on our HONEYMOON (accidentally, of course)! The resort didn't have any other rooms, so the staff pushed them together. Fun memories!

  2. I've stayed at this resort and it is STUNNING! Ironically we visited when my husband attended meetings there as a grad student while doing his PhD (aka we were very poor college students :)). We have a long love affair with the Mexican people. Several fellow grad students during our time in grad school were from Mexico and three of their wives watched our kids while I worked. The were, and still are, very dear friends that we were so very fortunate to have help with our kids during that busy time. We have also been amazed at the friendly and amazing service we have always received as guests during our two visits to Mexico. Such hard working people that always went out of their way to make our vacation wonderful.


  3. Don't know if you have the fast food chain Chik-Fil-A in your state - it is the most popular fast food here in SC - but all employees are required to answer "My pleasure" when someone says thank you. It's quite refreshing. Gorgeous photos and glad you had the chance for getaway!