Saturday, May 9, 2015

Our favorite Between You & Me Sign

I have been friends with Tara from the Between You & Me blog for years now.  Feels crazy to say that about someone you have only chatted with over the phone and via text/email/blogging and instagram, but never in person.  However, she is very dear to me and I've loved watching her family grow up over the past six or so years that we've been in contact.  Most of you probably already know about the beautiful wood signs that she and her man create. They are stunning.  I've been fortunate enough to nab a handful of them over the years but several years ago, she showed one in particular in her dining room and I knew someday I would want to find a place for it. 

  A while ago, I was thinking about my dining room sliding doors and thinking that I should get some sort of life verse or family motto and have it made to fit the space over the door frame.  Then I perused Tara's shop, checked the measurements and did a happy dance when I realized that her As for me and my house sign was a perfect fit!!  It's 12" x 48" long.  It's neutral tones work wonderfully for my house and I love how you immediately notice it when you walk in the front door. It captures the heart of our home perfectly and I think it's a constant reminder to us why we are here. (I've already had opportunity to point to that sign when certain song lyrics were being sung by certain people who reside in this house currently, and just casually ask if those words represent our desire to serve the Lord in this house.... It kind of backs me up in black and white. ha!)

 Tara has a ton of other signs in her shop to chose from and they are all beautiful.  I love supporting others when they have chosen to not only take on a creative job that supports their family, but also do it in such a way that God gets the glory and I can assure you that my people over at Between You & Me are doing just that. 

Tara is even offering a very sweet discount on sign orders placed between now and May 31st.  Use the coupon code LEMONADE15 and get 15% off your total purchase starting right now!  You can click here to shop.

 *And recently photographed by me, just because they were pretty... organic radishes (that I actually ENJOYED in a lovely french salad, despite the fact that I always think I like radishes in the spring, so I buy them only to quickly discover that I completely hate them, and every person in my family hates them).

And peonies... my mother's day flowers.  Maybe one of Tara's signs can be a belated Mother's Day gift for you if you're a mother... or another mother in your life!  With our coupon code (LEMONADE15)  it's a great time to pick one up! 
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