Monday, June 15, 2015

Centerpieces and Kid projects!

Today, I am cramming two small ideas into one post since I didn't think either of them really deserved their own spotlight...

The first idea is a cute and inexpensive tabletop idea that I pulled together for the coming few weeks until after the Independence day holiday is finished.

It was inspired after watching my husband and kids play catch night after night, during BBQ time.  We have a perfect little strip of grass on the side of our house right next to the BBQ area and while they wait they either throw balls or shoot nerf guns/bows.  I gathered up their baseballs and borrowed my son's dump truck to host them.  I tucked a few flags into a container filled with white rocks and nestled it on a tray next to the truck.  The perfect thing, is they can grab the baseballs as they head into the backyard.  This has already proven quite a handy little spot!  Cute... and functional!

This next idea was also inspired by my people. It is a fun, and also inexpensive target you can make if you've got boys (and girls) with nerf guns or bows.  We have a lot of nerf games in our neighborhood, though fewer than we used to, as kiddos grow up... Both of my kids love shooting at a target and we've had them drawn on the fence boards which didn't make their daddy very happy.  My solution was to have a $10 slab of plywood cut, and painted so they can shoot nerf targets to their hearts content.  It didn't take me any time at all to make and will be sure to add to the lure of our backyard, which is where I'd prefer to keep them (and all their buddies) this year. (I am betting on slicing up loads of watermelon to keep them nearby so I can keep an eye on them all.  Ha!)

I cut a piece of thin plywood to size at Lowes, then stained it and had my son drill two holes in it for hanging.  I used a thumbtack and string and pencil to do that old circle drawing trick. (The tack goes into the center with the string tied to it on one end, and then you tie the other end of the string to a pencil and draw circles, shortening up the string to make smaller circles.  Afterward, I painted in the spaces using leftover paint that I had on hand in the garage.)

This was such a quick project!

We didn't have a ton of obligations this weekend and it was very needed.  I snapped a few pretty yard pics for an outdoor spaces feature my boss is doing on her blog right now and wanted to share some of my favorites here too.

 We have six days (plus today) left of school.  They start up again on August 26th... I'm very much struggling with that!  Seems like the whole country is out earlier than we are and start up after Labor day.  We have so few sunny days here, that it seems a shame that we had to get them cut short for an early August start days but I'm determined to enjoy this summer as much as I can, for the time we have it!  (Still.. August 26th? Pffff.)

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