Friday, June 19, 2015


I'm popping in to share a few father's day preparation pics.

Because I like making everything an event.

In fact, my family and I recently took Meyers-Briggs personality tests (it was actually so much fun to get to know how we all think) and this seems to be part of my whole personality profile.  Hosting, planning, gathering and getting all my people together for memory making and such.  Have you ever taken those tests before?  I was an ESFJ which came as no shock to all my people.  It was almost scary how accurate it was!

Anyway.  Its almost Father's day.  I just finished making my boys a tee time and whipping up a rice crispy cake.

 (Because what father doesn't want a fancy topped rice crispy cake right?)

(Okay so maybe they don't care quite so much about those kinds of decorative details but I am compelled to do it so my guy knows how appreciated he is.)

(There's probably something in my personality profile about that. Ha!)

I hung a banner for him too.  And I'm taking him to a baseball game at some point in the weekend so I'm pretty sure he WILL know he is loved and appreciated.

And about this banner.  I love it.  I constantly go back to it for various events.  It works for anything.  I got it a couple of years ago, from my buddy Jen at 163 Design Co.  (Her stuff is gorgeous.)

 I saw the idea for the kites, clouds and plane cake toppers on Pinterest, originally from this site.

This was my Sasha-spin on it... instead of a real cake, I pressed the rice crispy ingredients into a parchment lined angel food cake pan and popped it out.  So quick and easy.

The toppers were quick too.. some paper, bamboo skewers, felt, washi tape, twine, clothes pins and hot glue.  Took about a half hour to cut things out and glue them together.  I didn't have a DIY as I couldn't find the original source anymore but they weren't all that difficult to figure out.

I might be able to use them again this summer too.  They really did turn out cute!

 So happy Father's day to all the amazing, involved, daddies out there.  Especially the one I get to do life with.  You guys are awesome.

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