Monday, June 8, 2015

Peeking behind the big wood fence

I just walked in the door after one of those heart-refreshing days with my long-time BFF.  We got kids off to respective schools and then hit Starbucks for fuel, Ikea for terrific deals and solutions and such, and then wound things down at a local farm that sells lunch and serves iced tea in mason jars, (I know, right?) before dumping bags in the kitchen in time for the return of the school bus.  We managed (as we always do) to touch on millions of topics, weave in laughter from our childhood memories, howl over random funnies that would probably only be funny to us, along with squeeze in a bit of summer fun planning and a heart to heart where I did not even cry, though I very well could have with her, because by now, nothing is off limits.  Truly, nothing.  Everyone needs a girlfriend like this and I've got them by the handfuls.  A life blessed and thank You LORD for days like this.

Anyway, it's been a while and I've got a few things I'd love to blog on but today is just one of those somewhat quick sneak peek posts (well okay it's hardly a sneak peek- it's more of an overview) of some of the yard fun we've been doing over the past few days.  I wanted to show our new party pit in it's nearly finished state and a few of my favorite corners so far.

**NOW... before I do...please remember one thing here.  Our family doesn't feel crazy about doing yard work... I mean we can mow and that jazz but we aren't really into it if you know what I mean.  Sometimes the cool of the evenings beckon me to a weeding frenzy, but that's about it for me.  That said, there is a lot we'd still love to do, even more that we need to do, and most of which will probably never get done if I'm perfectly honest. I'll share some of those future ideas here... but this is SO real life so don't laugh at the places my son should have edged/weed-whacked and didn't or things that are crooked or not level or not painted correctly or finished and such.  Again... real life, not Better Homes & Garden and I guarantee we can have just as much fun back there in that party pit as is, than if it was pristine and finished.  Maybe MORE! Not pictured, we have a huge 15 foot trampoline in the center of our yard, a hammock my man got from his company, and a narrow side yard in the back where people throw balls and such.

(All photos were taken on my phone... because with less than an hour to get a post up, it works!)

 Our front porch welcome.  I used that old bucket (given to me) in my bedroom with a little Christmas tree in it.  Now it has a summer use so it's happy year-round!

House color was a custom match and door color is Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams.

 You may remember the before of these chairs from this post... and that refinished little free table in between them from this one. (Painted Sea Salt by SW and cushions sewed by me.)

 Now into our imperfectly lovely backyard....
 Dipped garden tools in more of that Sea Salt paint and a bench my man made me.
 We have an out of control Wisteria vine and we really do have plans for a small arbor as you enter into the party pit, but that isn't happening just yet...
This is our new party pit space...  Last year we had it on the side of the house but we have moved it because this makes better sense and like I mentioned previously, that narrow side yard was prime ball throwing space.  This above photo shows it at the start of this Summer.  Our garden box sides were propped up because they were rotting and our fire pit needed to be relocated.  Adrain and I decided to make six smaller garden boxes around the perimeter of the fence and house and then add in another picnic table, since one never seems to offer enough seating.  Our stack of plastic chairs were so uncomfortable nobody wanted to sit in them at night and the paint job I did on them last year was peeling horribly so we went back to the wood Adirondacks (Home Depot) that seem to last us much longer.  (The last set we had lasted us ten years and if I had painted them when we first got them, I am convinced we would still have them.)
 My son helped with the painting, for a little fun money reward, and he's got a few touch ups to finish but they turned out great.  We painted them Dried Thyme by SW. We also made our fire pit smaller when we relocated it and it allowed for us to make it three stones high.
 Both picnic tables got a coat of creamy white exterior house paint and I used a bit of the Dried Thyme to cover some inexpensive Terra cotta pots for the table centerpieces.

We have an herb garden box, a salad garden box, a veggie garden box and three cutting garden boxes with random mixes in them. (Please ignore the permanent flower bed with nothing in it but a lilac bush, a daisy plant and garden Nome.  I do have plans for that still as the summer continues.
 Adrain strung lights over the tables but not the fire pit and I love them!!

 I've got a fun outdoor kid project happening soon and I'll hope to blog about that shortly. 

Now I just need to host a party... More on that soon as soon as school lets out!  Counting. the. days....

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