Saturday, July 11, 2015

The "How hard can it be?" project

Hey guys.  I have meant to get this post up all week but well... life.  I did want to thank you all for the kind words about my last post- you blew me away as always.  Social media is a crazy adventure and I so want to do it right for my family so thank you!!  You're all so precious. Now for my party pit arbor post....Finally!

Adrain and I have this running joke.

Well to be fair, it's not so much of a joke to him.  But it's funny to me.

You see, each time I have a brain storm idea, I tend to explain it, draw it out, wheedle my way around it and finalize my conniving with, "How hard can it be?"  

He always kind of stands back and gives me that look.  He almost always caves and tries it out in the end, but about halfway through, when he inevitably hits a roadblock, he sort of smirks at me and says (in a rather mocking sort of tone that I don't always appreciate fully), "What? How hard can it be?"  

Yet still, I persist in sharing my DIY ideas. Because my mama didn't raise a quitter.

Anyway.  Ten years ago, I planted a wisteria vine that a neighbor gave me.  I knew nothing about wisteria.  I certainly didn't know that it would someday try to take over the corner of my house and run for president.  And I also didn't know that Adrain would dig that thing out down the the root system and the next year it would come back with a vengeance, and house vicious, venomous, evil snakes.

Okay so maybe it was only the one snake.  And perhaps he wasn't venomous. 

But people, can we all agree on this?  One snake is more than enough and I don't think we need to quibble over the whole "evil" or venomous part.

So my idea, was to build an arbor and have it wind away from the ground (thus providing no shelter for said snakes) and away from the house, giving it room to be free.  Or whatever wisteria vines need to be.

I drew Adrain a picture on a piece of paper and he loved it.

Which may or may not be a slight exaggeration on Adrain's actual feelings on the matter, but like I said before... snakes. 

(Involuntary shudder)

 This was the snake house, before.  I just wanted you to be reminded what we were working with here.

And for the record, there was also a very creepy spider and a wasp nest in the mix so as you can see nothing good ever lived in a wisteria vine.

And apparently they can't be killed, only directed.
 The boys did some shopping, some research, some post hole digging, some gigantic industrial sized screw turning, some concrete pouring, and voila... we had an arbor.

I knew it couldn't be all that difficult. 

 Also please totally ignore the fact that my entire yard is now dead.  We are in drought in the PNW along with a huge burn ban so s'mores are not on the summer menu.

We almost hope for some rain.


I felt it necessary to document the process since it was so easy.  (grin) My son did agree that I could share this photo in spite of the look on his face, and may or may not have told me to also feel free to mention his washboard abs.

Also allegedly.

And on a positive note... my hoodlums captured snakey-mc-snakerson and relocated him to another place. (Though I'm recalling somewhere that snakes return to the home of their birth place each year and I am certain he is looking to find his way back.  If he does, I may have to turn Mr. Brodeur and his lawn mower loose in the yard.) 

(Not that Adrain has ever purposefully gone over a snake (or ten of them since our yard may or may not have been sort of infested with them when my kids were babies) with his lawn mower because hello, animal cruelty...please don't report me. All I'm saying is, a snake can't hide as well in short grass.  And hopefully...for his sake... he doesn't get in the way when my man is out mowing.  That's all I'm saying.)

I mean, how hard can it be to rid yourself of a pesky snake?
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