Saturday, November 14, 2015


  The other day I sat in a coffee shop with my girlfriend and we commiserated on our desire to stop all the pre-thanksgiving Christmas overdrive.  (We blame the violent blast of cinnamon scented air as we enter all craft and home improvement stores. It flips some kind of instinct in me that makes me want to run.)  True story, I actually walked into Pier 1 the other day looking for simple white cloth napkins for Thanksgiving (harder to find than you might think) and walked immediately back out.  Christmas and Thanksgiving decor were competing so hard, that there was hardly room to walk around and the whole place felt too much of an overwhelming thing.  I couldn't do it. A little overlap is fine and totally acceptable... but it's getting to be too much out there!

Then my girlfriend and I laughed, because we both sounded like old grinchy ladies.. and then I realized that maybe it was just because we might only have five or six more total Thanksgivings with things "as they are".... and then I wanted to cry because well...I only have five more Thanksgivings (INCLUDING THIS ONE) until my boy is in college... wahaaaaa!

I can't even.

So I planted my paper white bulbs and shot some pretty pics in the soft morning light.  I enjoyed the peace of the quiet morning while a very tall boy clad in flannel pajamas, ate a huge bowl of cereal at the same counter that he once wasn't tall enough to see over. And I didn't dwell.  I just savored.  Because it's precious and I want to do my best at savoring right now.   

On a side note, my 50mm lens stopped working when Adrain and I went to Mexico last spring.  I was so upset over it, that I hadn't really used my camera since. The 50mm is my favorite lens and takes the best photos with the best light. I never felt very inspired with the big, huge lens on the camera.  It wasn't the same.  Well, anyway, a few weeks ago I dug it out of my camera bag, cleaned it really well and prayed over it and it worked!  I nearly cried.  I was so thrilled that I've been photographing life up a storm again so be warned... image overload coming this way again. Ha! (I think I'll savor that too.)

Before I go, (and at the risk of bringing up too much Christmas before Thanksgiving... hahaha!) I wanted to say that after much encouragement from you guys, tons of discussions and prayers on my part, I have decided to do (hopefully) quarterly one week pop up shops for my Etsy shop over the course of the next year! I will hopefully have a few new items each opening and a week seems to be about all I can handle with my limited time.  So.... I have one more week-long pop up shop coming on November 23 and I would LOVE to have you stop by! 

I will be selling all the old favorite prints you've probably seen, along with these four brand new pieces, just in time for holiday gift giving or home decorating! (I am seriously so in love with them I can't even stand it.) So be thinking of that, and as always YOU guys are the reason I can do this, and I love you all to pieces!!  Without you, I'd have no shop.  

Okay, I'm doing something amazing with 60 lemons in my kitchen right now so I can't chat anymore...  but, it smells like heaven in here!!  You'll have to wait and see what I'm doing.  It's going to be goooood!


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  1. Sasha,
    I totally agree with you about the stores going overboard with Christmas and Thanksgiving all at once. I walked into Michaels just before Halloween and there was just too much of everything. It seems the retail stores want to be ahead of the holiday that they don't let us enjoy the current one.
    I am hoping to decorate the first weekend of December. We will see how it goes. I like your idea of savoring the moments. Especially around this time of year.
    Love that square soap on your sink. Do you use it and would you share the source?

    1. Thanks Cheryl, I do use the soap! I found it locally at a little boutique but I have seen them online before. It's a square french milled soap. It's not my fave actually because the shape is hard to use, but I like a bar of soap so I'm going to use it anyway! Haha!

  2. My adult kids are over laughing loudly as I'm trying to read your wonderful blog, but, I think I read you were looking for white cloth napkins. They have VERY cute ones at Target - 4/$10. I think you would like them.

  3. Lovely post. Good white napkins - the Buffet napkins at World Market. I think there are 12 in a pack!

  4. Agree on the white napkins at World Market. Also can find that soap at World Market. Actually I'm generally OK with holiday stuff appearing in retail stores it, put it away and then at the appropriate time let the decorating begin. No fighting the crush of shoppers for anything...I have it stashed away and waiting. Think Nordstrom...they don't decorate before Thanksgiving but rest assured it is all planned and waiting in the wings. Have a great Thanksgiving and looking forward to your pop up shop.

  5. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!!! So happy about the pop up Etsy shop! I've always looked and thought - yeah I'll get a print from you one day.... NOW is the time! (Well, the 23rd!) :-)

  6. I am so with you one this post. Am glad you had the napkin dilemma though...the comments sharing World Market and Target will save me! Savor, indeed. Our 'last" Thanksgiving with the kids all home as kids and not college students was two years ago. Once I got over the pity party of things changing, it was wonderful! Truly! Our freshman comes home next Tuesday and I am chomping at the bit. New normal savoring. Also, can't wait for your shop...great plan and I hope it continues to bless you.

  7. Love your sweet trailer Sasha! I was just putting away my sweet pumpkin print today and wishing I had something to replace it! Now...if I can just remember to purchase during the dates you specified!!!