Wednesday, March 2, 2016

"Pinter-done" project that took about ten minutes

Firstly, this wasn't my original idea. (I have seen cute jars topped with spring animals and then spray painted all over Pinterest and some are all different colors, or different animals and varied sizes.) But this was my tweak on the idea, since I've got three darling little nieces who desperately need some candy when they arrive at Auntie Sasha's house on Easter Sunday.

I felt like making them all the same, was the best bet.  Then nobody wants someone else's jar of candy...  It happens and it's real, people.  We try to avoid that kind of crisis at all cost, because even when you're dressed in your Easter party dress, it's all fun and games til you want someone else's candy. 

(There's probably a life application in that sentence somewhere.) 

 That said, I spent around $11 at Michaels on this.  I got jars, spray paint, and three toy lambs. (I also got a stack of paper for the easter egg hunt markers, so you might shave a few dollars off that total.)

I went with a satin paint, in "Ballet slipper."  It's the perfect shade of Easter pink.

I also got tiny jars because these people are all under age 6 and I'm sure mine won't be the only candy they get all day.

And also, my children were completely horrified that they weren't included.  Yet they think they're too old to sit at the kid's table... huh.

(And anyway I ended up buying a box of cookies from the girls scouts that assailed my front door, which Joe and Ava split while glaring at me and licking their easter-candy-jar-snub wounds.  It can get a tad dramatic around these here parts lately.)  (Something to do with hormones?)

I think the thin mints made them forgive me. 

 Okay so the process is incredibly complex.  You'll probably want a lab coat and goggles.

I kid.

I hot glued the lamb feet to the jars.  Then hit the lamb-jar lids and rings with two coats of spray paint.
Once dry I filled the jars and screwed down the lids.

About ten minutes of my life was all this took in all.  I'm so thrilled with the simple sweetness of how these turned out!  You could make one for every place setting if you really wanted to.  (Ava is lobbying for that, but I'm not caving.  You can't have your cake thin mints and eat them too.) (Er. Something like that.) 

  I mean seriously, right?

Easy as pie to make, not very expensive and very adaptable!  Thanks Pinterest for inspiring this easy Easter project!
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  1. You are always so thoutf and intentional about gift giving and table setting. I think those jars are just about the cutest thing ever. I don't blame your kiddos for wanting to know why they didn't get one too; but totally hear ya. Nice save with the thin mints. ; )

  2. The candy jars are wonderful! So easy and thoughtful....I might have to side with Ava, though. Wishing you much success with your shop. You do beautiful work, Sasha!

  3. So sweet...I may just do the whole table :)

  4. So cute and sweet. makes me want to attempt this. Thanks for sharing this.


  5. So cute. I'll have to make my niece one. Thanks for sharing.