Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Outdoor Space & Kurt's Gathering Basket

I wanted to yap all about my garden and yard in this post and I took the time to begin writing what I wanted to say earlier last week and then I accidentally hit publish when it wasn't even half finished (I have never done that before) and quickly deleted it because I didn't know what else to do... so now I have to rethink what I wanted to say and eventually get back to all that... or not! Darn. IT.  (If you subscribers got a half finished post... that is why. Rrrrrr!)

In spite of that.... I could not be MORE crazy excited to share this post with you today. First of all, my dear friend and coworker, Becca, is married to a fabulously talented guy who I have also become friends with and when I begged him to make me a gathering basket out of wire and wood... he agreed.

Within days he had knocked out an amazing basket and I enthusiastically proclaimed that he should henceforth open an Etsy shop and sell those bad boys!!  He actually liked the idea and went to work with an even better design and is now OPEN for your business (here.)  You need to know a few things- Kurt and Becca... you would love them.  They are young and sweet and have precious hearts and I've just flat out adopted them both.  When you buy from his brand new little shop, you are supporting two of the loveliest people you could hope to know.

That said, let's talk details.  I got my hands on one of Kurt's new baskets and they are AMAZING.  (I photographed it and he even used some of my pics for his listings!) The smaller mesh wire is perfect for keeping pea pods and such from slipping out and his finish work is fantastic.  This is a very high quality item that I would totally recommend. Plus, its just cute decor so there are a dozen ways you could use this.

Also, how cute would this be with gardening odds and ends tucked inside as a gift?!

We'll talk yard and garden again at some point... if I can keep from hitting publish mid-edit next time!! Sheesh.

If you want to join me in supporting Kurt and Becca and their new Etsy venture, you can find the shop here... happy gathering basket shopping!!
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  1. Yay! So excited Kurt took the leap to sell them. Hoping to plant a raised bed soon with herbs, veggies and cutting flowers. I would love to be able to purchase one and use as a gathering basket. Up close photos really do show his beautifully done finish work.

  2. Hi Sasha :)
    Beautufull photos ,gorgeous garden ,has always you are truly my inspiration .
    Thank you for sharing
    Have a nice day
    lots of Love