Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tuesday Talks

It's a gray Tuesday morning over here in the Brodeur household and I've had to cancel today's plans to be home with a sick teenager.  While he's resting I decided to get a little blog post up, reflecting on the past weekend.  We experienced our first Homecoming and it was delightful.  Joe went with such a great group of good kids. From the sounds of it, they had a wonderful and safe time of dinner, dancing and a small after party at a friend's local dance studio where they had Italian sodas, snacks and more dancing while tired parents waited... Ha! 

I won't lie, it was super emotional for me which took me completely by surprise.  My baby!  A freshman... at his first school dance!  Waaaaaaaaaa!   I loved this shot.... there were two huge rocks where all our kids were arriving for photos before hand.  They were the perfect resting spot for all the corsage boxes.  Both of the rocks were covered with these boxes at the end and I thought it was adorable.

I wish I could show more photos but alas, they involved many other kids and I didn't ask any permission from parents.  Joe looked crazy handsome!  And a few musings about homecoming dances.  1) When did asking a girl take on more pressure for originality than asking a grown woman to marry you?  Seriously. (Also this could be an entire blog post but I'll refrain.) 2) The social scene is already heating up for my boy for Tolo, with these hoards of girls already feeling him out about his plans... Homecoming photos haven't even been printed yet.  Wowza.  I can't believe we're at this stage.  How did this happen?  And Junior girls too!  What?  3) Boys are super easy to prepare for a dance.  Deodorant and how to tie a tie. Boom!

 Speaking of plans. (This is where I admit my freakish nature out loud, unapologetically.) Do any of you have a notebook where you make lists (many lists) really far ahead of time so that you can keep all of life straight?  Because I do.  I jot down notes and reminders about all kinds of future events, plans, holidays, etc, and it keeps me really organized as the season goes along.  I've always been like this so it's rather normal in my mind... even if there are those who like to tease me about having my thanksgiving menu already planned out.  (You know who you are!) And yes.  Yes I do have it totally planned out.  How is that wrong? (My people gave me full license to change it up this year and I may have taken it and ran with it one night, while all alone with Pinterest and my Camille Styles entertaining book.  Just saying.)  This is the only way I never forget anything.  Otherwise... I would forget my own name. 

I've been mulling over various ideas for a thanksgiving table centerpiece ever since, and I'm going a little nuts for mixed metals right now.  I went to Goodwill last weekend hoping to find an inexpensive silver bowl and some old brass candlesticks.  I was doing a happy dance when I did find two perfect bowls and three brass candlesticks!  (I think I'll go back and hunt for three more since I have two months (I know) but even if I don't find any more with the right shapes and heights, these are good. I plan to put some gray tapers in them and though I'm not sure what flower arrangement I'll create, I'm practicing making some and enjoying them right now, as my seasonal flowers and foliage changes.

 I filled a silver bowl with wet floral foam, and then walked around my yard plucking faded plum-colored hydrangeas, unturned maple branches, dusty miller, and the last of my pink dahlias.  All together, they made something rather pretty. 

If you made fun of me in your head because of the list making... all kidding aside, it was survival for me.  Because of life circumstances I've shared in the past, I haven't been feeling it. My kids aren't used to me putting a pumpkin on the table and joking about being all decorated for fall.  (I think it concerned my daughter at one point.)  I will admit this to you with my eyes averted- I even momentarily considered not having a Christmas tree this year. I know. Just smack me please!  It seemed rather pointless at the time the thought crossed my mind because well... life details seemed way bigger than having a tree.  At least I got my act back together and realized that my kids life is being rocked alongside mine and I've got to keep some stable traditions intact for their sake, regardless how I'm feeling or not feeling because of how things are changing. Hence the notebook and drumming up of plans and ideas months in advance.  We all need a little something to cling to and cheer us on sometimes, don't we? 

(But if I ever lose that notebook we're all in trouble.)
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Proverbs 19:21 Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.

 Just on the off chance you're like me and already thinking of your Thanksgiving table... I wanted to once again share these beautiful place mats.  They would obviously work year-round, but especially during the holidays! Click here to view them at Ever Thine Home.


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Just curious... What's Tolo?

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! Just curious... What's Tolo?

  3. Tolo is a semi formal Dance like homecoming but it's girls ask guys,like a Sadie Hawkins Dance. The asking is so hard and so public anymore. It puts so much pressure on the guys and the girls.

  4. Tolo is a semi formal Dance like homecoming but it's girls ask guys,like a Sadie Hawkins Dance. The asking is so hard and so public anymore. It puts so much pressure on the guys and the girls.

  5. Score on the brass candlesticks and bowl! Love the flower arrangement you tested out in it.
    Girl, I hear ya about the lists and planning out ahead. It's not weird, not at all. I do something even weirder. I actually draw out the tablescape and list what I have on hand and need to buy in addition to the list like you do. And yes, if I lose that list and tablescape drawing there will be drama. ; )
    I can't believe Joe is a freshman already. He looked so handsome.

  6. Yes, I have notebooks. - datebook, cute lil' one for dr appt's, pad for house to-do list/husband when he (rarely) has time, long pad for Target and grocery list, lil lil pad for daily reminder notes I tape to garage door, and regular back-to-school cheapo notebooks I stock up on in the fall and use throughout the year for budgeting, scribbling, ideas, observations, and misc. (It takes a village.)

  7. I'd be lost without my notebook. Seriously, I keep it with me at all times! And, like you, I am planning my holidays as well.

    Your tablescape is lovely and I just may have to head to my goodwill to find a silver bowl as well. What a great find!

    I agree that asking is entirely too difficult and public anymore. Kinda takes the fun out of it if you ask me! Joe looks so handsome!

  8. Wow! What a milestone for Joe! So happy for y'all!

  9. Oh, yes...my life would not work without lists!! This year, I have really enjoyed having Elise Cripe's Get to Workbook as a great resource for keeping all my lists - and more! - in one place. Praying you will find some peace as the year continues...