Saturday, December 24, 2016


It had to be done. A stepping away for clarity's sake.  

In October, I thought this blog was done and something new would take it's place eventually.  I wasn't sure if it would be a brand new site but last week, when the renewal notice came for this site's domain, I couldn't let it go.  It was and is a part of my heart and soul. I walked this snowy path with my husband yesterday, yapping about blog possibilities for maybe the millionth time since I walked away in October, but in the end I suppose I always knew exactly what I was going to do. 

I weeded through what I want and don't want as far as what I can give, what I'll say yes to, and who I'll answer to with the whole social media bucket.  I won't be reopening my shop or public Instagram, I'll just be here. Simply here, writing occasionally and photographing life when I want to.   

Merry Christmas dear friends.  I'll see you in the New Year.