Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Entering February...

 Happy (almost) February dear ones!

I had a tentative goal of getting a YouTube video/vlog up once a month, but I imagined that I'd also be blogging in between those projects a little bit more.  Alas, life. Today, I wanted to chat with you about romance, keeping it going and doing our part as women.  Relationships are two part circumstances, and we can only be held responsible for the part we play in them.  I searched out a few ideas in the bible since that's my source and I hope that it inspires you even if it's not always in line with the popular feminist view overall.  (I've never claimed to be that, I simply take the bible for truth and go from there.)

I had a lovely opportunity to go away with my husband for a work trip recently.  While there, (and before I was slammed with food poisoning for an entire day) I recorded my thoughts on this subject.  (I want to tell you this as a side note.  I'm not a professional YouTuber, I only do one take and I'm very firm on that, no matter how many errors or things I wish I'd said better.  I strive to be as authentic as possible here and I suppose that means you get what you get when it comes to our video chats.  I have to be honest, I love em.  They are stupid easy for this stage of life so y'all may want to subscribe via YouTube.)  (I've got a talented friend who's promised to help me with music and graphics and polishing them up a bit in the future but they will still be a one take, authentic me deal.)

You can watch my video below, or by clicking here. 

Getting kids into the act of celebrating... I found a few fun things for the upcoming holiday of love, and wanted to share them with you.  Doesn't Pinterest seem to have it all?  (Don't be fooled into thinking that's truth... but you can certainly find some great ideas and these tags are free!) You can find the free printable for these tags here.

 I also found this fun trail mix (grahams, marshmallows and pretty candies) (no recipe needed) and plan to make festive lunches for my people on V-day!
 I saw this idea and though my version isn't nearly as cute as this one I saw on Pinterest, I used what I had on hand and it will make for a sweet (get it?) breakfast on Valentine's morning.

In addition, we always do what we call a backwards dinner that evening as a family, featuring dessert FIRST!  It has been a huge hit every single time.

What do you and your family do to celebrate? 



  1. Sasha,
    My hubby is the same way about lipstick. I stopped wearing it years ago. I only wear it if we go out or to a work event. We have been married for 27 years. Some things we do that keeps the romance alive is leave each other little notes, send one another texts throughout the day letting each other know we are thinking about the other. We also go out on date nights. Recently in the evenings we have decided to not turn on the tv so we can talk. Over the summer we started doing couples devotions in the mornings and Praying with one another. All of these things may not see romantic, but they are ways that bring us closer together and keep communication lines open. Waste we make time to laugh and enjoy spending time together. It works for us.
    I loved the scriptures you shared and your perspective. Very thought provoking. Good reminders to us to be forgiving when our husbands seek it. To remember to tell them they are handsome, etc. good stuff my friend.

  2. Such a good post and video. I need to be reminded to put my husband first more often. And, green is your color. You look beautiful!

  3. Sasha! I'm so glad you've come back! I enjoyed, agreed with and took to heart everything you said. Thank you for sharing!

  4. I haven't gotten to watch the video yet, but thank you for passing along that "smores trail mix" idea! What a super simple approach that can still look fun and pretty.

  5. We get to take a February trip to South Beach this year, which is an unusual treat for us. For my adult daughters, I have cute cards that I took forever to pick out and will mail a small gift card to Target or somewhere practical.

  6. I just want the camera bag. I have never seen such a cute camera bag. Seriously! If someone wants the camera, but not the bag, let me know.

    :) :) :)

  7. Thanks for this sweet reminder. You have inspired me to read this chapter.

  8. I'm loving your vlog posts :) I'm not really a video kind of gal and often scroll past other videos online, but I've been thinking about this one since I read it last night. It's such a neat way to connect with your readers!