Sunday, March 19, 2017

Two of my favorite little tips

 It has been a while since I shared some easy life hacks, or simple household tips, and because this is the week of someone's 16th birthday party, I decided I wanted to share something lighthearted and quick with you.  (That way I am sure to not get overly emotional that I'm about to have a sixteen year old son! Whaa!!)  We have a big paintballing extravaganza planned for the weekend and I'm not at all ready for it since we settled my daddy in an Alzheimer's home last week, which pretty much consumed my energy.  I have no idea why, it's not like I was doing exhausting things, but it was a lot of mental exhaustion...  Today I hung a little banner and lights, so I'm getting there!
I am sharing something that I've used for years and I seldom think about it until someone remarks what a great idea it is.  I think we all do little things like that, and how cool would it be if we all shared them? (Feel free to hook me up with your great ideas in comments. I have a feeling everyone will enjoy!) Anyway...  Ever think a box of matches was attractive décor?  (Me either.) One day it occurred to me that if I were to place matches into a cute little jar or container, I'd have them handy for lighting the candles we use daily and they wouldn't be such an eyesore.

**The glass container I used here was actually a jelly container from Ikea.  Which brings me to my secondary little tip.  If you're attempting to get sticky labels off anything, I have a fool proof solution and even my children now swear by it. Pam or non stick cooking spray.  All you need to do, is peel the sticker off as much as you can, then hit the entire surface of the residue with the non stick spray.  (Olive oil spray and coconut spray do not work quite as well, FYI).  Let it sit for a moment, then take one of those green and yellow scrubbing sponges gently to it (I use the green side).  You may need to add a bit more non stick spray but it should only take a moment for it to all scrub off.  After the residue is gone, you'll be left with an oily mess from the spray so put a little dollop of dish soap on it and use the same scrubber to scrub all over, then rinse in hot water and it should be squeaky clean and shiny.**
The only problem with removing matches from their original ugly box, is that you have nothing to strike them against.  Solution: Cut a piece of the cardboard striker off the box...
 ... and adhere it to the bottom of the match vessel.  (I used a piece of rolled tape, but hot glue or glue dots also work well.)
 Done.  And considerably cuter than a box of matches.  I love setting a jar like this next to a candle that I use frequently because it's both handy and pretty. 

What are some great household tips you like to use to make life easier, prettier, or more efficient?  Share them in comments if you'd like!

And wish me luck on preparing for this weekend's paintball war.  I think I'm just watching and photographing... but I'm so tempted to join in!  I'm a tad afraid of the welts you supposedly get and these boys are pretty intense so I'm not sure I should join the fray. Ha!



  1. So sorry to hear about your dad. I know how exhausting it can be on one's spirit to deal with that. Blessing him from afar.

    Sounds like your boy is in for a wonderful, wild weekend!
    Enjoy. They only get older. ;0(

  2. Cute idea.

    So sorry to hear about your dad. I will be praying for you. (My mom passed away last month, amidst some other tough stuff, too, . . . and I am totally and completely exhausted. Emotional stress can definitely cause physical exhaustion.)

    We should have hooked our boys up for a joint paintball birthday party . . . the north county boys against the city boys. One of my guys is turning 17 next week, and we were just discussing party ideas last night (due to my complete exhaustion, we have just gotten to the discussions stage). My hubby and many sons have played paint ball for over 12 years, but me and my many daughters have never joined them. Bragging about how many welts I have just doesn't sound appealing to me. :)

    This week and next a CRAZY for me, but a coffee date after that would be GREAT!

    Will you be at the BIG track meet out our way on Friday night?