Friday, May 19, 2017

Growing anyway...

Something struck me today, as I worked outside in my beautiful yard.  Well, a couple of things actually, because when I ever have been known to make just one point?

 Things we plant in faith and then forget about... aren't actually forgotten.  Sometimes they simply bloom later than we expect, and completely surprise us in our forgetfulness.  I planted several peony plants over the past years.  I have moved so many things around as I've worked, to create harmony in our flower beds.  This year I noticed that not one, but two, brand new peony plants emerged in a previously rather bare space.  I think I planted one last year but it never showed itself, and I assumed it was dead... but it wasn't!  It spoke to me, because I've been waiting for specific things that have been planted in faith, for what seems like, too long...  It feels like the wait has taken forever, and sometimes I even forget what or why I'm waiting for it.  But God doesn't.  And He doesn't abandon me up here on the surface, even while He is busy cultivating private spaces in my life and heart that haven't bloomed yet.  He is still working in me deeply, preparing just the right season to bring them about.  

Things often still grow where we don't plant them.  Last year, I had two pots filled to the brim with pansies.  I made little salad garden containers and loved how they looked, tucked alongside my lettuces.  (My family wouldn't eat them in a salad but that's okay.) Anyway, about a week ago, I realized that there were little purple pansies growing in between all the pavers around our back patio. There is just the tiniest sliver of space there, perhaps wide enough to place a quarter or two, but somehow, they had just enough space to grow and bloom.  Sometimes, I'm guilty of squeezing about fifty cents worth of time with God into my life. A sliver in between the life chaos. I give Him only a small space, yet He gives me favor and allows things to flower in my life that wouldn't be there without His presence. Because He never gives up on His ultimate plan for my good and He never stops pursuing me, even if I haven't planted anything in faith. He will have His way in me.   

I, a mere human girl, took a builder grade, mostly sub-par backyard with nothing pretty but some patchy grass and wild clover, and have been working slowly, steadily, each spring and summer for the last 14 years, to create something with a plan, rhythm and structure.  As my gaze sweeps over the gently bending grass in the setting sun, I wonder at how much more God works steadily in our lives. He shields us, provides for us, protects us, guides us and shapes us into a thing of true beauty and precious worth.  My yard is beautiful in my eyes, not because it's perfect, but because I remember what it looked like a decade ago. I see how far it's come.  I also see the potential it still has.  Yes, I see the weeds and imperfections but because I've worked so closely to bring beauty from it, and I know my ultimate plan, and know the bounds of my energy, it's beautiful to me, just as it is- a work in progress. 

God too, sees our imperfections and sins and the weeds of our life in wrong choices, and sees us as beautiful creations with potential for even more, not because of what we have to offer, but because He knows His plan, and knows His power and what He can do in our lives. Do you get the sweetness of this? My cracked heart soaks this up like healing balm.  He doesn't give up... He pursues... He has a plan... He remembers and I'm in awe of Him.