Thursday, June 15, 2017

Creating a Soothing Master Bedroom

You know what they say about change, right?  That it's the only thing you can truly count on!

I feel this so deeply, as we continue to press forward in a journey I never expected, with my daddy being an Alzheimer's patient at such a young age.  It often drains and exhausts me on a physical as well as emotional level.  I've got active teens in the home and sometimes as a mama, I really need a soothing escape to crawl into and hide from the world for just a while.  A space I can go to, with my phone ringer turned and enjoy a soul refresh... Can anyone else relate to that?

When I am overwhelmed, I often create nooks and spaces in my life, calendar, and home, without even realizing I am doing it. I believe it starts from inside, and then my subconscious actions reflect what my heart has been craving or needing.  I tend to think that perhaps our bodies tell us what we are in need of, if we become still and pay attention.  I always joke around with my girlfriends when I feel overwhelmed, and use the phrase, "I'm at capacity!"  It seems like everyone can relate to that and we can't often recover unless we forge ahead with a bit of intentionality. 

Our calm and neutral master bedroom transformation has been a great example of this. And I'd like to stress how little the imperfections matter here, in the real world, where I live.  In fact, that's what this post is mainly about.  At first glance it's very soothing.  But my sheets, shams and quilts aren't the same, and aren't even the same shade of white.  My side tables aren't either.  The wonderful thing, is that it certainly doesn't affect the soothing, restful quality of this space so I'm showing this to inspire you. It doesn't have to be perfect, expensive, or even matching!

  You don't have to spend gobs of money or wait until you can find or make everything just how you want it.  The transformation in both this room (and my heart) occurred slowly, over the last couple of years.  I used to have more color in this room as many of you long-time readers may remember, but I craved the peace and tranquility of a boutique hotel room and longed for textures to define the room's personality.  Fresh bedding, washed weekly, with a simple color-scheme and spa-like feel have done wonders to make this my own personal haven and I'm in a season of life where I very much need that available to me.

My husband helped me make this headboard inexpensively because a new one wasn't in the budget, and I honestly love everything about it! (The DIY is here)  The lamps are a few years old, from Target and are great for reading in bed.  Fresh garden clippings on each bedside add interest, though I prefer flowers most of the time. I love turning my head on the pillow in the morning and seeing a pretty bloom first thing. 

A long pillow that pulls soft color from the walls down, was made by me with simple straight seams and stuffing. It was a quick project because I couldn't find anything in a store that I liked.  I love the subtle fabric texture.  The mixed metal mirror was in our guest room but found a new home above our bed and I love it there.  The white wood sign was stenciled by me and was a project that took very little time. None of the bedding matches or was expensive yet it is all neutral and works together in a calming way.  The soft blanket at the bottom works to add some texture and not pictured at the foot of the bed, is a white sheepskin rug that moves around our home, but makes me smile in the middle of the night if I must get out of bed and cross it with my bare toes.

I also enjoy diffusing restful oils in this room, like lavender, as well as spraying my pillow with lavender pillow spray each night before bed.  I burn candles and though we do have a television in this room, it points away from the bed, and into the small nook off the end of the room where a loveseat is placed.  I also have a gray glassy baby candle holder, which was  present from my husband. I love keeping our wedding photo in our bedroom as well. 

Things that I've found that create a tranquil bedroom are;
soft textures
a warm blanket or throw at the end of a bed for naps
soothing scents
a clean space with minimal or no clutter
favorite candles
white noise machines
a good book or journal
flowers, fresh greens or a low maintenance plant
simple wall hangings
a soothing wall color (ours is Revere Pewter)
time spent praying or meditating

Things that I've found don't create a tranquil bedroom are;
clutter on flat surfaces
too many things on the walls
jarring wall colors
desks used for work
workout equipment

I hope this inspires you to create a soothing master bedroom for yourself.  It's so lovely to  have a quiet and calm place in your home to hide in when the occasion calls for it. 



  1. I have always thought your home is comfy and and inviting. I have been a longtime reader and have seen this room go through many changes, but this is bar far my fave. Very tranquil.
    Wish I could purchase your lens,but we are moving in a couple of weeks. So not a lot of $$$to go around.

  2. GOOD to see you back posting--you've been missed! I agree, your home has always been one of my favorites; stylish yet still welcoming and we can see that life--and LOVE--happens here. Thank you for the reminder that things don't always have to be "Pinterest Perfect" to be PERFECT FOR US and our families! Hope you and your family have a great Summer!

  3. I am so inspired by this post as our bedroom needs a major overhaul to brighten it up. I also really get frustrated by the clutter that seems to make it into our bedroom. We don't have a room for a home office, just a small desk in our living room, and my husband's work papers etc always spill into our room, plus just all the paper that accumulates from day to day life. I find it very overwhelming! I also have jewelry on display but it looks busy and doesn't bring me joy so I feel the need to really make some changes. I wrote down your paint colour because it's lovely and the light calming colour I crave. Thanks for sharing!

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