Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Easy Italian Soda Bar

My kids, especially my daughter, love Italian sodas.  I think their sweet daddy is responsible for this.  In fact, I remember very distinctly, a date with him back when he was my brand new boyfriend, when I admitted to never having tried an Italian cream soda.  He was shocked, and bundled me into his truck and hit the first drive in coffee shop we came to.  He ordered me a strawberry Italian cream soda with whipped cream on top.  I think I realized then, that he was always going to give me to good stuff in life.  (And I was so right.) 

So when it came to making Ava's 8th grade graduation plans, I decided I wanted to treat her (and whatever other teens we have hanging around) to a little Italian soda bar this weekend.  It turned out so cute that I decide to share here in case you were stuck on a unique beverage idea for kiddos, beyond sodas.  (And actually, I know quite a lot of adults, like my man, that will dig this idea as well!)

It was really easy to polish this up a bit for my personal hosting style, and took very little time to take things an extra step, making it all cute. I love when things look like you cared enough to go to some trouble or effort, but really didn't because they couldn't have been easier!  (This is that sweet and easy even if you left the labels on and placed things on a table.) 

For ours, I removed the labels from unopened syrup bottles by soaking them briefly and then scraping them off with a small plastic scraper I've had for years.  (It came with a pampered chef stone and I've used it for everything under the sun.)   (The labels came off very easily but if you have trouble with any sticky residue, you can always hit it with a shot of Pam nonstick spray and a souring pad, then wash with a soapy sponge and it will be label-free.)  I finished the bottles off with a white paint pen, and hand-lettered the flavors onto them.  I set everything up on our outside table, and it's a great self-serve treat which kids of all ages seem to love.    

What you'll want to assemble in order to create this festive and cute soda bar, are the following:
Striped straws & Clear drinking cups
Instructions (I used a little sandwich-style chalk board but you could easily type and post them.)
The ingredients;
Ice, flavored syrups, club soda and cream.
(You could also add a can of whipped cream for fun.)

The nice thing, is that you can do as many or few of the syrups as you want, and you can customize this little bar idea however works best for you and your crowd.  The kids get to mix flavors and enjoy different combinations.  (You could also post a few combinations for them to try.) (I was able to get my syrup pumps at the grocery store alongside the syrup selection but you may have more luck finding yours on Amazon.)

Enjoy & Happy sipping!



  1. Looks so cute and your hand-lettering is amazing! I bet your daughter and friends loved it!

  2. It's looks so good, and goes to show that adding that little special touch is a great way to show our loved ones that they are special to us! I know my kids will love this so I'll be making this happen soon!

  3. Yum! I was just hoping you would post again !
    Do tell, how is it going working from home? Been thinking on you, and all the changes. So Glad you are blogging again.
    Will use this idea for Father's Day !

  4. I've never had cream in my Italian Soda before...I must try this!