Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Hobby-driven decor

I have spoken here, many times, about downsizing "stuff" and how we've been making that a practical realization in our own home, over the past few years.  I veer toward minimalism in my heart and I've spent the past three years contemplating what we really need, want and like, and then deleting, over adding.  I had wanted to create a video tour showing where we made practical cuts while editing our belongings but the truth is, that would be a very long video and I've never figured out just where to begin approaching a topic so extensive.  I guess I more or less adopted the idea that we would only keep that which we use regularly and sell or donate the rest... if you're looking to downsize too much accumulation, that's a fantastic place to start.

One thing I've noticed, with all of the deleting of accumulated décor, is what I really tend to like. I tend to decorate with things that are of personal interest to me, and because of that, they have inspired my home colors, textures and style.  I love photography, so I have a vintage camera collection that I adore and it graces our bookshelves.  We also developed a love of kayaking and spending time near the ocean because of where we live.  We kayak regularly on the lake that is only about two minutes from our home, and I've been slowly curating a small displayed collection of antique wooden oars and paddles. (Painted a creamy white shade, of course!) I haven't shared many of these changes here on the blog for a while, and thought it might be a fun addition to the posts I've been working on. (I realized the other day, it may look like a much different home in ways, to some of you who are long time readers)

Blue is my very favorite color as so many of you know.  I'm not certain I could live away from the coast and the color blue feels seasonless to me which I like in decorating, because I really don't have any desire to completely redecorate an entire home around a season.  (Been there, done that, wrote the blogs, and it's exhausting.)  I now only want things that can be out and enjoyed year-round, and if they get moved around into new places within our home, it becomes a fun shuffle of change.  Personally, I enjoy changing some of our artwork with the season and often switch out a couple of throw pillow covers for different weather- like using a couple of sweater textured, creamy covers instead of the jute trimmed ones when fall arrives, etc. 

Overall, I've settled into a signature look that works throughout our home.  Each space is calm with notes of blues, grays, white and such.  Years ago, I heard a designer speak and she said that you'd know your signature style when nothing jarred against each other.  By that, she recommended placing all your paint, fabric swatches, hardware and elements into a pile and pulling out anything that jarred the look and didn't belong, and then removing it from your space. (Obviously if you're a color lover or have an eclectic style this isn't your method.) That spoke to me and has always stayed in my mind as I've chosen various décor.  It has all fallen into place with regular sorting, purging, planning, and identifying the objects and hobbies that inspire me.  I am excited to work white or blue moon pumpkins into the existing décor in the fall and add fresh evergreens in winter, while not having a closet crammed with décor-on-hold for the next season or "just in case."

If you're trying to figure out your signature look, perhaps this encourages you... start with your hobbies and go outward from that starting point.  You may find yourself starting a collection or home colors based on something you love, and find yourself settling in to that look!

Happy Decorating friends,


  1. Those vintage cameras are beautiful!

    Also, I really like that idea of bringing everything together, to be able to notice what is jarring or not belonging. I've always tried to purchase furniture that will go together regardless of which room each piece is in, and in what combinations; but I'd never thought to do that with the "small stuff" of accessories, pillows, etc. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It is truly lovely, Sasha and emanates who you are your family are. THAT is a true home!

  3. It IS a change, but your home still looks cozy and inviting, and I love that you're using the things that represent your family's hobbies and interests in decorating. I can't quite bring myself to go too minimalist yet, but I have gotten to the point where everything we own and love is OUT where we can see it, and there are no closets full of decorating stuff. That may be as close to "minimalist" as I ever get. :) So good to see your blog pop up more often recently!

  4. I love your "minimal" home and how well it is cleaned and loved. We downsized to a smaller, more custom home as our empty nester years approached and were forced to be get rid of things. It's been great having fewer but NICER things that have more meaning. I like the idea of using natural items for seasonal use and storing only Christmas items, too. What's been ironic is both of our daughters have lived with us for periods of time post college. But our smaller home adapted. So glad you are blogging again.

  5. Love this and love the concept of less...I think back to living in an 800 sq ft apartment and I had everything I needed. Of course kids and husband change things a bit, but in the end love is the most important decorating accessory. Love your color scheme and it's so great to see you blogging again. Blessings! PS the photo of your babies is precious!

  6. Love this post. We are moving yet again and each time we move I purge stuff. I have been gravitating to the less is more when it comes to our home. I get tripped up when it comes to things that have sentimental value.
    Will be taking what you learned and shared from that interior designer into our new home with regards to decorating.