Monday, June 19, 2017

Marble swirl cookies

 Every so often, I have a cutting room floor post. 

That could be for example, when I take a few photos that aren't sharp or blogging quality.  Or I make a project and don't get photos because I didn't plan on blogging on it.  Or I take a great photo and want to share it, but don't have an entire post to accompany it. 

Today I have all three!

We recently had an end of school BBQ that was super casual, but I wanted to make a sweet treat for all the teens hanging around. These marble swirl cookies could not have been easier to make and took only a few moments. I don't have any step-by-step photos, but after I was finished, I decided that they were too cute not to share.  I could have smacked myself  for not snapping photos along the way. All I did was melt some white chocolate in a bowl. Then dropped in some food coloring paste (I used Wilton brand in purple and teal) with a toothpick.  I swirled the colors around the chocolate just a little, using the same toothpicks.  Then I dipped each cookie into the chocolate, and twisted it slightly, creating this marbled effect as I pulled it out to cool.  I dropped them onto parchment lined cookie sheets and popped them into the fridge for a few minutes to chill.  *Note- Toward the end, the food colors were harder to distinguish so I stirred them in and added a bit more of the purple to create a solid color.  (The kids gobbled them up way too quickly and I'm not even sure they truly appreciated the pretty factor. Ha!)
 I found this (really inexpensive, $3) round vase in my grocery store floral department and felt a little giddy over the price tag.  It was the perfect size for just a few fragrant bedside table blooms.  I have always loved the look of round vases in designer homes but never thought about purchasing one to use in my own home or some reason.  It's not a high quality photo (stolen from my instagram) but I wanted to share because I loved how the round shape sparkled in the light and showed off the flowers, and all for a few dollars!  (Apparently, never overlook inexpensive grocery store finds.)
 Finally.  I probably could come up with an entire post on this if I really thought about it!  This little beauty just graduated 8th grade and (sob!) is now a freshman!  I snapped this on my phone and couldn't love it more!  The twinkle in her eyes...her sweet expression, darling bangs, and the icing on the cake was the antique emerald and pearl necklace that has been passed down from my beloved Grammy to her, which she wore with a long, mint green dress. She was honestly the prettiest girl I saw all evening.  She was in ASB leadership this past year, so she participated in a special poem reading at graduation and I loved seeing her quiet confidence and clear voice.  (See? I could write an entire post.)

Anyway, I needed to share this because I couldn't be prouder of her.  Beauty from the inside out, with this one.



  1. You're right, that last picture of Miss A is divine!

  2. What lovely photos especially the last of your sweet daughter!

  3. I love everything about this post!! Oreo cookies are the best, and the kids would love the added touch of more chocolate with the colored swirls. They really are beautiful! And your girl is a true, classic beauty. You should write an entire post (if you want) and I know you are so proud. My oldest will be leaving for the University of Georgia in 6 weeks, so trust me when I say to cherish these days, mama. And on a side note, your posts make my heart happy - the Lord has given you a gift with sharing words and beautiful pictures.

  4. Wow! Your phone takes fabulous photos! Ava looks so grown up and certainly beautiful!! :) Frame that one for sure. ;)

  5. I'm late in catching up on emails and just saw this one. Your daughter is stunningly beautiful. I have read your blog for years and watched them grow up. Thank you for sharing. I'm sure she's just as beautiful inside too. You keep on being a proud mama!

  6. Your daughter looks absolutely gorgeous and so grown

  7. Having read your blog for years and years, I can't believe how grown up your sweet Ava looks! Grown up and stunning. What a proud mama you must be!

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