Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Motherhood now, plus adding luxe to your room.

Well hello to you, after a sweet month of absence!  I so enjoyed my time away from blogging, but I've got a little list going, of some fall posts so please stay tuned and pop back in now and again over the coming months. 

Today, my children returned to school for their sophomore and freshman years.  I sat through the parent orientation meetings, feeling like an old pro, having just been there last year, listening to the same things.  And I want to share something amazing that happened to me while I was there.  A mama next to me started chatting with me, and as we got to talking, we made common connections, as women do, and one thing led to another, with me sharing my mothering story with her.  She was in the exact same overwhelmed shoes I'd stood in, only seven or eight years ago.  I was able to share my story which at one point led us to some tears and hand holding.  (You'd have to know me) The tears were hers, but they were tears of joy and encouragement from the sharing of my story! I couldn't have imagined that moment a decade ago. Not in a million years.  Never discount that God places each of us directly on the path He wants us to walk, and that He never wastes our pain.  I believed that from the early days of standing up to my neck in the trenches of young motherhood and I believe it still, much more so, having seen it first hand. Isn't that precious?  Her story was so close to mine, I could have written it for her... and I was able to encourage her what could come after for her because of where I was...  What a treasure.
 Now, changing gears because I actually came to share a few bedroom updates that I am loving this week and they couldn't have been completed at a lovelier time with school just beginning  (This mama needs her haven to escape into!)  I want to really encourage you to make your master bedroom a haven and it's so important to me, that I've posted about it several times.  Last month, I decided that I wanted to stencil a wall in here.  I was looking to add that lovely luxe touch  when you enter a beautifully designed, high end hotel. The linens are all bleached white and crisp, the surfaces are clean and pretty and you breath deeply as you set your bags down.  That touch. 

I couldn't find something simple in my price range, so I created my own with a blank stencil and exacto knife from the craft store.  (I don't recommend this at all. Don't be cheap like me, save yourself the grief and pay the $40+ to get a nice huge one for yourself okay?)  Also, you need to fully understand the commitment here if you go with a stencil.  It's a lot like cutting bangs.  Really think it through before hand.  In my case, I couldn't find wall paper that I liked or could afford and commit to, and I wanted a really specific subtle shimmer on my walls so a stencil was a good option.  My walls are painted Revere Pewter and I love this color.  I merely wanted to highlight one wall in a unique way and I didn't want to go overboard on the feminine effect so I kept it geometric. I used a silver metallic paint and small paint brush for mine, both found at the craft store.  The paint was perfect for what I wanted and blended perfectly against the Revere Pewter.
It took me a ridiculous amount of time because I had the brilliant idea that I should trace the pattern and then paint it in.  (Again, don't do this.  I had to, because I needed things overlapping yet level with such a small stencil and it just about killed me y'all.) I guess what doesn't kill you makes you stronger however, because I couldn't love it more and it was exactly what I had in my head.  I love the way the light catches on the silver paint, in the evening.  It's cozy and beautiful and even my man loves it and told me so.  (I shared on Instagram that he isn't a guy who cares over much about how I decorate, and I love this about him because it means I get to pretty much do whatever I want and I don't have to fight his opinions. But oh man do I love it when he notices and really likes something I did!)

He did agree to bring me home roses as my treat for completing this space.  I was hanging off a ladder while he ran out to Costco and I may have hugely hinted that he should come home with pink or white roses because I really needed a reward to look forward to...  Which brings me to this.  Put flowers, candles, twinkle lights, soft blankets, fancy pillows, and inspiring artwork in your bedroom. Just do it, and you can thank me later.  Who knew Costco roses in an inexpensive grocery store vase could bring so much pretty to a room? (I knew.)  

They are on their way out, as I had to peel the outer green petals off this morning but I had to snap one more shot of their last lovely day or two in this room.  (And seriously, blush pink roses with pale green outer petals? My word. There couldn't be a prettier rose.  I normally don't like roses, but these are definitely my favorites of all time!)
I notice that the prettier and cozier I make it, the more crowded it gets in here... so do be aware of that! 

I enjoy sneaking in here to read as kids start winding down for the evening and I notice that with the soft lights, the candles and calm, I get a lot of visitors with sweet and heartfelt conversations.  I do think that is what it's all about.  This mama journey is pretty precious. (I didn't always feel that way.  Plenty of guilt for not feeling that way too, but I am so deeply thankful I get to have each day as a fresh do-over space in mothering!)   

I had to end with this shot of my two hoodlums.  Gosh I adore them to pieces and the young adults they are becoming!  Joe is a strapping sophomore this year and Ava is a sweet freshman. I love their hearts, their friend choices, and their love for each other.  I told them to laugh here... which of course leads to real laughs.  (Hang in there young mamas and choose to laugh a lot.  It's truly a KEY!)  They drove away to school together, in Joe's truck.  I almost cried. Joe bought my daddy's truck now that my dad is in an Alzheimer's home and it's been incredibly sweet to see Joe working hard to pay it off, as well as appreciating that it belonged to his grandpa.  He has been the closest grandchild to his grandpa so I love that he is bumping along down the road in daddy's truck. 

It was a morning full of sweetness to sip on.  Counting my thankfuls,  



  1. Your kids are so grown up and adorable! Ava's hair is long again. She is one of those people who look great with short or long hair(: I remember when I started reading your blog, our kids were so young! My girl just started her junior year. What a gift to parent these precious people and watch them grow into adulthood!

  2. It's all just so sweet. What a nice start to a new school year. Your bedroom is beautiful and calm and stylish, too.

  3. I just need to know how you keep your house so clean? The decorating is wonderful but to be honest, I am so impressed with how spotless your house always is... : )

  4. Beautiful. Your home. Your family. Your heart. Beautiful.