Sunday, October 1, 2017

Sweet Fall Celebration & Simple Gatherings

Today I am sharing a peek into a celebration we're hosting.  When my daughter heard that it was time to get her braces off, she declared that it called for a dinner she could really "sink her teeth into." (grin) She instructed us that we needed to have all the favorites she hadn't been indulging in for the past couple of years, and by her request, that was ribs, corn on the cobb, caramel apples and a huge bowl of Caesar salad.  I couldn't say no to making a special meal to mark the occasion.

 Even better, I got my hands on a copy of "Simple Gatherings" by Melissa Michaels and I need to tell you- I sat down with a big cup of coffee and read the entire thing from start to finish, in one delicious gulp, one afternoon.  This book... oh it's such a keeper you guys!  Melissa has always had a way of sharing exactly what's in my heart, when it comes to home décor, hosting and the like.  I've loved every single one of her books, but this was like she plucked all the thoughts and dreams and plans right out of my head and got them all down on these pages.  It's hands down, my favorite of her books, to date.  The photos were crazy inspiring and I may already have dog eared many of the beautiful pages and ideas for future gatherings! (Just tiny dog-ears though!) In fact, it was really her book that inspired me to make a simple, casual meal into a special (yet relaxed and inexpensive) event.  What I most love about this book, are the literal start to finish guiding plans she lays out.  She gives so many DIY tips, recipes, games, conversation starters and such and my favorite part was how she shared that she is an introvert with a small-ish home, yet she hosts all the time.  We so often think "Oh I can't host because.... " We get stuck on so much when it comes to hosting.  Not enough space.  Bad flow for traffic.  Not a big enough budget.  Not clean enough... etc.  She addresses all of those concerns, and then some. 

So I took Melissa's hosting words to heart, and then agreed to a slightly inconvenient "event," to show love to my daughter in something that is a huge event in her life. I decided on easy to prepare (slow cooker ribs) and a throw together salad.  Make ahead dessert (caramel apples) which doubled as cute place settings.  Things like that make it look like an event that much planning and thought went into, but in reality, they can be ridiculously easy to plan and make.  Win

Another part I really connected with as I savored "Simple Gatherings," was when Melissa spoke about creating simple place cards for guests. (Which I very much adore by the way) She shared, 'Place cards tell a guest, "You belong. You're important.  You have your very own special place at my table." '

That is my heart.  Letting my guest know they are wanted, anticipated, celebrated and that they belong.  It begins within my own family and works outward to those we invite in.  If you want to get your hands on your own copy of this spectacular little book, you can order yours here.



  1. Always so inspirational! And beautiful btw!

  2. Sasha! Your post, your words, your photos, your heart, your simple gathering has me IN TEARS friend! It was all absolutely beautiful and so inspiring! I am just SO honored and grateful. I'm glad that the message of the book shined through to connect with you, too.

    Thanks for taking the time to share your family's sweet and memorable evening. Much love and so many thanks for you, friend! XOXO

  3. Birthday present to myself this week. I just purchased--hosting a hike and brunch to celebrate ME: ) I need some simple ideas. Thank you for the perfect timing!!

  4. Thank you for sharing this simply wonderful post!

  5. LOVE! Those caramel apples look absolutely delicious! I might be inspired to make some for my son's XC get-together tomorrow night. :)

    Happy Fall, Sweet Friend! I've watched your boy run a couple of times (oh my. he is fast.). I've looked for his sweet Mama, but haven't seen you.

    Miss your sweet smile! Coffee soon?