Monday, November 6, 2017

A shelfie and a thanksgiving series...

Good morning, on this fine fall day.  We had quite a lot of unexpected snow over the weekend, so I'm getting a nice, lazy start today.  Over the past couple of days, I had plenty of cozy time in our home, to list out a few blog posts that I'd love to share this month.  The plan is, to post twice a week, between now and Thanksgiving.  (Of course, grace... because life, best laid plans and all that jazz. But the point is, I've got a plan and I'll be sticking to it as closely as possible.) I do adore this holiday.  It's so lost in the shuffle of pre-Christmas excitement but you'll not see a lot of Christmas in my feed just yet... It's still Thanksgiving's time to shine.  I want to savor it this year!

I'll be sharing how I create my Thanksgiving event plans with a general timeline, how I delegate, along with some thoughts on hosting.  I'll be sharing a post about how I plan to incorporate our buffet table, instead of the bar cart that I'd love to some day get my hands on.  I have plans to share some kids table ideas, an adults table idea, along with ways to make Thanksgiving meaningful. (I'll be sharing some things that we do that I've come to love.) I'll share how I create a floral centerpiece and even a recipe or two. 

So, stay tuned, if you want to push the frantic Christmas-social media flurry back ever so slightly and enjoy being in the moment of fall, thanksgiving, and savoring time with loved ones before all of the hurry and scurry of December hits.

Now today, I'm excited to share my birthday present (from September)... it's finally completed and I couldn't love it more.  A couple of things.  (You know I don't like clutter, or too much over the top useless décor.) (We've discussed this for years, so I know you get this about me.) That said, I only wanted one open shelf. I have loved the café look for years... a little coffee shop with one shelf up high, and stacks of dishes and cups and such.  I would go hunting for one single in-daily-use shelf on Pinterest for inspiration, but I would hardly ever find anything like what I preferred. I wanted it to have a relatively high space under it for tall items.  (For some reason, when we host gatherings, I always find myself needing an area for tall things such as drink dispensers, tall flowers, chalkboard menus, etc.  And though we have an island, I always want a space on the counter for those.) I deliberated about shelf height forever and finally decided to go with my gut and hang it high-ish.

I went to Ikea with a couple of friends and we found a gorgeous bread board that was extra long and it fit like it was made for our under-shelf space, which just confirmed that it was the perfect height for my space.  I am loving it's simple functionality and I look forward to being in this slightly updated space through the holiday season.  So far it's working perfectly for our family. 

I also updated our letterboard with a fun Thanksgiving definition.  It makes me smile daily.

I'm off to play catch up from the snow, but I'll be blogging next, about how I event plan for Thanksgiving!



  1. I have always loved your style Sasha!! Your café shelf looks amazing and I can't wait to see your plans for Thanksgiving ♡

  2. I love this shelf! You have the perfect cozy home! Susan

  3. Hi Sasha
    It is always nice to pop in here and be inspired by your words, photos .
    And your house is becoming more you , simple and gratefull

  4. The shelf looks great, but I LOVE your letter board. Where did you get it? I've been looking for one for a while.