Monday, November 27, 2017

Kicking off a new series

Happy Cyber Monday dear ones!

I'm busy cleaning the house, after our holiday hosting weekend today, but I am popping on quickly to share a new series I'll be blogging about all December long!  I just planned out some posts that have been put on my heart this month... about creating a Calm Christmas. I decorated the house for Christmas on Friday, as I always do.  It was relaxing and enjoyable and took me half the day, even with only one Christmas d├ęcor bin!  I was bone tired afterward, and the thing I spent most of the day's energy doing, was working to keep things simple and fresh.  It was work... it's so easy to over do everything this time of year-  Plan-making, eating, decorating, celebrating, shopping, spending, etc.  I posted a simple image on Instagram and the response to it was sweet.  I think we are all craving "under-done" in this season.  Social media feeds can feel overwhelming with their overdone push.

Someone just announced 29 days until Christmas and I could feel my breath speeding up.  I'm not sure if you're like me, but it seems there simply isn't enough time to get it all done.  Or perhaps you feel stressed out by people suggesting all of the FUN THINGS one should make lists to do each day on Christmas break, such as "see the lights" and "sip cocoa." (Or maybe that's just me?)  I'll tell you, those things make me feel so behind the game before I even start and I'm learning a thing or two about making plans.  I'm making a ton fewer of them the older I get because 1) they tend to naturally happen anyway, and when they naturally happen, they tend to be a lot more fun than when I insist everyone piles in and goes and "does" and "aren't we all having FUN yet?!"  (Know what I mean?) 2) Having older kiddos means they have plans too, and we can't all have constant plans, or else we're all constantly tired and cranky.

So.  I'll be blogging for my own self as I coax my way through this coming season.  I plan to hit the following categories.  Heart care, Self care, Other care, Home care and Hospitality (I've got a few new thoughts after, oh man.) Some simple gift ideas and thoughts, preparedness, some fun hosting tips that are working well for me, a New Year's Eve party idea, and a few other items like my favorite gingerbread cookie recipe.

I hope you'll stick around this month and contribute to the community in comments.  As always I love chatting with you and value all of your encouragement, ideas and feedback.  

Here's to a C A L M   C H R I S T M A S. 


  1. Can't wait to hear what you have to say, friend! I have managed to quiet the decorating thing, and the baking thing -- doing it the way it brings me joy. Other family members can always do their thing, adding what brings THEM joy. It's the gifts for extended family that get me. I like to give gracious gifts -- but we are on such a tight budget,and my creativity feels so strangled. I'm trying hard this year not to let it get to me.

    Following along! xo

  2. Love this and so looking forward to more!! I am craving calm this year in a major way!!

  3. Awesome!! I'm so glad you are doing another series. I'm hoping for one in January to help us start the year off with the calm we all need, without all the resolutions that can stress us out.

  4. I noticed on todays Christmas House Tours that most everyone started with a comment about doing a simple tour this year. I still saw too much stuff by my standards, but less than usual. Interesting. Nice.

  5. A CALM Christmas sounds so good. I just got an email from a Christian group selling a box of stuff for $179 that is half off $359 and BOGO, so that's $718 worth of stuff for only $179. It's just crazy everywhere with the stuff and the decorating. I know I am happy the day after Christmas when I don't have a ton of stuff to put away and I'm not in debt. Thank you for this series and I'm really looking forward to the gingerbread cookies!

  6. The past year and a half has shifted my thinking to the simpler life. Less is more. The important things in life for us are God and family. With that I am looking forward to your calm Christmas series. Christmas is my favorite and while I don’t overdo it, I do like to add a Christmas warmth to our home. Here is to doing it simply this year.