Monday, November 13, 2017

Setting up a Thanksgiving beverage station

Welcome back to my thanksgiving hosting series.  Today, I'm sharing how I plan to use a small table in our dining area, for a self-serve beverage station.  I believe that everyone relaxes and enjoys themselves when they have a beverage of some kind, in their hands.  You know how deep conversations happen when your hands are wrapped around a steaming mug of coffee, across from a friend?  It's almost hosting magic.... get people something to hold and drink and everyone starts to party.

I love bar carts, whether they hold cocoa fixins, or liquor. They are so cute and festive and someday I'll probably own one, but for now, I get to use what I already have, this cream, buffet table. Though I love looking at how bar carts are arranged, I don't like serving fussy drinks when there are large groups.  It can feel a little overwhelming to add that extra hosting duty of mixing drinks and getting refills for everyone who doesn't want to get up. Ha! (You know you've got those family members too!) When you're in the kitchen cooking, you've got enough on your plate. So.  I decided on serving only one beverage besides water and a sparking version for the littles and those who don't like alcoholic beverages. Sticking to one type of drink makes life so much easier sometimes and that's what I'm all about this year.   A self serve station was perfect for this occasion.

(Note-I plan on storing the two pies we will have (pumpkin and pecan) on the first shelf of this table, while the main meal is being prepared and eaten.)

 On the day of thanksgiving, I will move the cereal canister and put some carafes of water and sparkling ciders there.  Those tend to get moved to the dining table once the meal starts anyway.
Now, you know me.  I love it to be both pretty and functional.  I've fully stocked the drawers of this small table with napkins, candles, matches, and the small paper plates we will use with dessert.  Because the pies will be on the shelf below, it will be a cinch to grab everything we need and start dishing.

That fabulous silver bucket was a crazy, inexpensive, Goodwill find and I created the huge memorial service arrangement for my daddy's flowers in it last month.  I felt like it would be the perfect wine chiller for thanksgiving and I didn't have to spend money on the ones Ikea was sporting when I went there recently!  It's rather pretty yet simple and I added a little bit of fall festivity with a glass vase filled with mini pumpkins.

I like to keep barware handy so people aren't hunting all over the kitchen (or having to ask me to find it for them.)  Everything is in reach and that makes for seamless hosting.  I love using this pretty copper bowl that I found at Marshall's several months ago for the corkscrew and such.
To finish it all off, I decided to repeat this Easter idea, and make a banner of some kind for this space.  I was already planning on taking the platters down temporarily so we could use them for serving our meal so this was a great way to cover that hanging hardware.  I was inspired by the beautiful print here and made my own chalked, condensed version to fit on this wall.  I used a roll of $3 kraft paper from JoAnn's and a chalk pencil.

It's so easy to overthink so many details during the holidays... I find myself being drawn to the ones that are more simple, the older I get.  Up next, I'll be sharing some sweet and simple ideas for the kid's table. 

Happy Hosting, XOXO, 

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  1. I am liking your approach to simple. I have taken that approach to Life this year. Thanksgiving will be simple, but festive with those we love. the scroll.