Sunday, December 10, 2017

Keeping the weekend C A L M

Happy Sunday evening dear ones.  I wanted to thank you for each of your very sweet responses to the Calm Christmas series I just completed.  I want to sit down and respond to each of your comments at some point this week!  You are such a wonderful bunch.  We are coming off a very calm weekend around here where we kept things low key but festive and we actually stayed in our jammies all day long yesterday (except for the boy who had to work) and had football on, and did some baking.  It was just what I needed. There is something to be said for scheduling "non-leaving" days into the month of December!  I love those seldom-seen days.  I think my soul breathes especially deeply on those days.  I hope you're working to keep things calm on your end as well.  

We are hosting a small birthday celebration this evening and I came up with a fun and festive drink to serve.  I mentioned that I was planning to keep my hostess offerings very simple this season and that champagne was one of those stand-by options.  I wanted to fancy it up a bit for this party, so I created a simple syrup recipe with juices and sweetener to go along with it.  I thought you might enjoy having this treat in your holiday arsenal, since it turned out so well.

All I did was mix 1/4 cup orange juice (I squeezed mine freshly and strained it but any would work), plus 1/4 cup cranberry juice (no sugar) and 1/4 cup sweetener of choice. (I used swerve in mine for a lower carb option.) I also added some orange peel and star anise for a spicy kick, heated it until the sweetener was dissolved and chilled it.

When you're ready to serve this, add a tbsp. into the bottom of each flute, top with champagne and a curled orange peel garnish. It's a very pretty and simple drink.

I wanted to also share these two photos of our baking day because it was quite the sweet (heh, heh...) scene.  We only made gingerbread cookies (some in the form of little houses for the edge of a cocoa cup- the cutter was found on Amazon some time ago), monster cookies and fudge.  Ava is giving small goody bags away to a dozen of her friends and was such a wonderful help in the entire day. I can't imagine how I did a baking day without her sweet help before.  Gosh it's good to have a teenager daughter!!

Wishing you a sweetly calm week ahead... 

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  1. Your cookies are adorable and that drink looks and sounds delightful! Thanks for sharing all these great ideas for Christmas!