Monday, February 26, 2018

How to {simply} style a dresser

I have a major heart thing, for a pretty master bedroom space.  Goodness knows, I've shared about mine many a time!  Remember the stenciled wall that nearly killed me and how I talked about bedrooms needing to be havens, by adding luxe touches, here in this post? {I still adore this wall, by the way.} {In case you wondered. It's magical at night.}

Anyway, I decided to follow up the spring cleaning {organizing} series with a pretty and simple guide to styling your master bedroom dresser, in case you're still spring cleaning like I am, and looking for a few fresh home tweaks!  {I got a new lamp for $15 at an antique shop last month, which inspired me to change it up in here just a little, and simplify it a bit, which then, I decided was so pretty that we might as well blog about it. So here we are. Amazing how small changes can feel like big ones, when done correctly.}
 The wall color in here is the soothing and ever-popular Revere Pewter.  The trim is a crisp white.  The headboard is padded sweetly in gray linen that matches the bedskirt.  The bed is crazy comfortable, and the linens are swoony.  My furry sheepskin rug greets my morning toes, at the end of the bed, and I've incorporated varieties of textures and neutrals for a restful, soothing look.  I've also added some sparkle and let's face it, that's romantic.  I'm currently crushing on some new brushed brass pulls for these drawers... so you'll have to stay tuned to see if that happens.

When it comes to simple styling, there are varying definitions of "simple."  In my personal frame of reference, simple often means plenty of unused flat surface.  That said, I agree with many styling "experts" who suggest the following when it comes to styling any of your flat surfaces.  Odd numbers of accessories are best- groupings of threes or fives.  Incorporating something green, faux or living, if you've got a green thumb.  Layering varying heights of objects, and use of trays for smaller item grouping.

Styling is one of my favorite things. In all home decor tweaking, you need to put your own sweet spin on things. For my bedroom in general, I am currently loving the combination of mixed metals.  Silver and Gold {or rather, aged brass}.  I also really love using textures and wood grains throughout my home, so it's no surprise that this "feel" is making it's way into my personal haven as well. 

I love this rustic wood tray so I use it in here often. (It's a very old Target find.)  I stacked my jewelry boxes because they just look pretty like that.  I added a textured plant pot {$4 from Target} and an airplant that has surprised me by living years so far.  A tiny heart dish for discarded earrings completed that odd-numbered assortment.  Beside it, was a lamp, balanced slightly in height, by the stacked boxes... and because the tray reads as "one item" on the total surface space, adding a sparking mercury glass candle completed the overall odd-numbered gatherings of objects.  {Make sense so far?}

I tend to move pieces and play with arrangements until it has the right feel.  I can usually tell when something is lacking or just feels off. Removing something from the mix when it feels off, is normally my first reaction and it is also normally the correct choice in styling.

 This lamp was a crazy, exciting find.  I felt like I was robbing a store when they called the vendor for a price, {it wasn't marked} and he said, "Oh, how about $15?" I was like, "Okay I'll take it... quick... before anyone changes their minds... and don't make any sudden moves lady!" {Okay, maybe all but that last part...}

I swapped out the LED lights for some really soft, low watt bulbs, perfect for restful, evening lighting.  What a difference lightbulbs make.  And dimmer switches for overhead lighting.  A simple and quick thing, that can really create the mood you're looking for.

I'm slowly creating a little art collection in here, always on the lookout for pieces that I want to add and frames that work.  I'm on the hunt for the right frame for the middle piece.  I do love having something to hunt for!  In this vein, cultivating a collections of things on the walls that add to the feeling you're trying to create, when styling a flat surface is really important to consider. It all lends to the overall feeling of "just right" or "not quite." {I also love the look of collected baskets, hung in an abstract assortment also. I do believe wall-hung baskets are having a moment in home décor. I approve. Wall textures like that, can make it really easy to style a flat surface below or beside...}

And on a side note, I also believe bedrooms should be totally clutter-free for the most restful sleep and relaxation, which means a few surfaces, styled more or less, like this.  I do keep a pretty basket beside this dresser, and often tuck papers or books and things into it, rather than cluttering a bedside table. {Though let it be noted, books are not clutter.} {And stacks of books are a lovely thing indeed... I'm talking random papers and small items that need to be put away elsewhere.}

So a quick recap for you when styling a dresser:
*Add something sparkly, for the romantic feel.
*Think in not only colors, but also in textures.
*Make use of trays
*Add something green/alive to the mix.
*Place small dishes in the grouping, for pretty catch-alls.
*Exchange bulbs for ones that offer soft lighting if a lamp is included.
*Showcase jewelry in pretty containers.
*Remember the rule of odd numbers in object placement.
*Incorporate a variety of items, both old an new, for interest.
*Consider the artwork hanging around the area, making sure it doesn't detract from the simple styling.
*Remember that a quick change-out of hardware on the actual piece being styled, can update the over all look of the piece.

Happy sigh. I love this room whole heartedly and if I could, I'd curl up right in all these pillows right now.  Alas, real life calls... {Remember that time Adrain built this headboard?  I went back into my archives to link this post for you about the DIY of the headboard.. and about died laughing at how much as changed in just FOUR years time... with my kids, the exterior of my house and my bedroom colors and taste too!  That was back when I had a lot of yellow in my life.... Now my house is gray and my bedroom is way neutral.  I like it way better now. Just saying.} I love how changeable homes are. Make yours a haven. 



  1. Calm, stylish, and beautiful. Love it all! Can you also please share where you got your gorgeous bedding (gray and white comforter set, matelasse Euro shams, etc.)?

  2. Your pictures and styling are always some of my favorites! So lovely.

  3. Misabella,
    Thank you so much, as usual, for your kind words.
    So the Euro pillows were from Marshall's, perhaps two years ago. I've seen them several times however, so I'm guessing they have similar items frequently. The duvet cover set, came from Amazon, and I believe it searched, "hotel duvet cover" when I was shopping. It was a while back, but the price was great- around $30. I'm sorry I don't have a link to share for that.

    Happy Shopping!

  4. Beth,
    Thank you so very much!! That means a lot to my heart.