Thursday, March 15, 2018

Bringing in the Spring

Happy Thursday dear ones.  I've just finalized my Spring ten item wardrobe so I'm hoping to share that with you soon, but in the meantime, I've been working on bringing some of this glorious near-springtime life into my home through tweaks and such.  I thought it would be fun to share some of the things I like to accomplish this time of year, ways I like to decorate for this season, and a few other random Spring essentials today, along with a few photos of the home right now.  Because who doesn't love a good Spring cleaning and house/life tweaking this time of year? I  know for me personally, I've been trying to regroup a little bit, in the vast spectrum of life.  Though in all fairness, I've been saying that since my Daddy passed away so it's just a process apparently.  Life hasn't been the same and I suppose you could say that I'm still adjusting, but also trying to smooth out the wrinkles and begin anew with this beloved season of the year.  I made a brief blog list the other day, of all things I had been doing, or planned on still doing for my version of Spring cleaning. (For me, it includes so much more than simple cleaning.)  I thought I'd share my list on the off chance that you might enjoy the motivation!

 I so enjoy a cheery welcome.  It feels a bit much for this space, long term, but just right for  Spring, with it's soft colors, collected pretties and pop of Janet Hill artwork.

 Ways to bring the outside in: 
*Foliage clippings (As seen all through my home, above)
*Forced branches (From my front yard tree- hoping to get some  blooms by Easter!)
*A sweet spring printable (I have this one in green, hanging in the main bathroom and I love it. And, it's free!)
*Grow some wheat grass in containers for inexpensive greenery- (it grows really quickly so keep that in mind.)

Spring checklist for overlooked chores: (Obviously, a good deep cleaning would precede these) This is just a feel good list.  Especially the orderly purse part!
*Clean tops of furniture and shelves
*Dust all light fixtures, including bathroom vanity lights
*Wash all decorative pillow covers, hanging curtains, shower curtains and rugs
*Clean and re-caulk around tubs and sinks
*Clean and organize your purse (hint, use small pouches to create kits for like items such as cosmetics or coupons, etc.)
*Organize your makeup and beauty products.  (Clean and wipe off tops, wash brushes, toss old products and consider tidying everything in a small organizing container like this one above, that I found at my grocery store for under $10) (I know I have a lot! I love products.)
*Clean sunglasses and invest in a protective case to keep future scratches at bay

Just for fun: 
*Try a new table centerpiece, and keep it really simple. (Or even remove everything from the table top and make food the centerpiece as you gather with loved ones.) (If you're looking for a pretty flower arrangement for Easter, I posted how to create one, here) 
*Move one piece of furniture or artwork into a new space in your home (I moved a small painting from another room into my dining area and have been loving it there. I wasn't getting the chance to daily enjoy it's beauty where it was located previously, so it's been like having a new piece of art!)

Feel good self-care: 
*Open windows for a Spring breeze
*Take a box of donation items to the Goodwill
*Buy a new spring blouse (I scored this pale pink one from a consignment shop for $4!)
*Try a bright lip color (I recently tried red and was surprised how much I liked it. You just never know!)
*Give yourself a good home manicure, weekly (I am religious about this habit.  I always make time someplace in the week for this!)
*Make a healthy treat and really savor it
*Put your favorite music on while making dinner to turn a chore into a treat
*Make a double batch of a favorite meal at once, and freeze one pan for a busy night or a friend in need
*Take time for a weekly face mask, as our skin sheds it's wintry dryness
*Keep projects simple (I love these kraft berry baskets, (Amazon) above, for simple little place settings for kiddos at Easter)
*Make a car bag with Spring essentials and emergency items- include an umbrella for spring showers, light gloves for chilly mornings and evenings and some healthy snacks to have on hand for those busy times

Overall, the things I've include force one to carve out and embrace the gift of time. Time for self, time for loved ones, time for home... One of the other gifts I am giving myself this year, is the gift of less.  Less pressure, less doing, less clutter all around (see previous spring organizing post series) and less holiday chaos. My Easter table this year will be nearly bare compared to previous years but that feels like a gift in it's simplicity.  My walls have less and less on them and that is a gift to my eyes to rest.  I created a large creamy canvas with my word of the year, "breathe" on it and even that is a gift in it's reminder to stop, inhale and be quietly present in the right now.  This is a time and season of heart renewal for so many of us and this post and list is really about renewing, while doing it intentionally, simply and bringing in the Spring...  


  1. I look forward to everyone of your posts. You are constantly encouraging and motivating me all the time keeping it real and speaking to my heart.
    Thank you for the time you invest in writing your blog and taking such lovely photos.
    Denise in PA

  2. Thanks Sasha, this is a lovely post. I have such a hard time finding time for creativity & taking care of myself and I'm an empty nester. I love a clean house (having a dog makes that almost impossible), sometimes the cleaning needs to wait or I need more energy! Have a blessed weekend!

  3. I so look forward to each of your posts!

  4. Your blog always brings me peace✌.

  5. Love This. Thank you so much!! So refreshing.

  6. Intentionally and simply says it all. Ditto, here.