Tuesday, March 27, 2018

How to create a pretty Easter flower arrangement

Hello sweet things.  Today I am excited to share one of my favorite things, once again... a step by step, simple flower arrangement!  It can seem so daunting to create a little floral masterpiece, but it's actually really easy, if you follow a few steps.  Read on... 

1) Choose your flowers. Tip: select flowers that will compliment one another.  As your peruse the floral department, take a cue from pre-made bouquets and choose flowers that seem to belong together in color.  For mine, I knew I wanted to work with some greenery next to my home, so I selected some flowers in whites and pinks.

2) Choose your vessel. I used several bowls and made a few arrangements.  This was a bowl I began with, but later moved my flowers into something a bit higher.  Have fun playing with whatever containers you prefer!

3) Cut floral foam to size, and then soak it in water.  I make a sink full of water and let the foam soak up as much water as it can hold before transitioning it to the vessel I'll be using.

4) Lay out supplies such as nippers and scissors. I like these sturdy garden clippers as they cut through tough stems easily.

5) Separate your blooms and prepare them by stripping or trimming them at bottoms.  Just clean them up a bit so no foliage will be in water and trim each end before placing them into the floral foam.

6) Build your base.  I made this one rather full because I really liked the leaves on their own.  You can always remove any later, if need be.

7) Begin filling in with the rest of your flowers, turning them, and adjusting the arrangement so that all sides are balanced. Be artistic and let them arrangement take a shape of it's own. No need to stress about perfection, just enjoy this peaceful process.

8) Add or remove anything that is needed. Important tip; Place flowers into the foam once, and if they need to be pulled back out for any reason, make sure to insert them into a new hole.

9) Stand back and admire... Honestly, using hidden floral foam in a container is almost stupid easy.  I don't think it's possible to even mess this up.  If you're lacking confidence in choosing flowers and greenery, you can always purchase a pre-assembled bouquet, bring it home and use these steps to create something that looks like it came from a florist.


 And before I close, I wanted to share a few fun spring home pics... Tomorrow, Joe turns seventeen and hates cake.  So yesterday I assembled a little donut cake.  He LOVED it.  He didn't even want to break into it because he didn't want to mess it up.  I thought that was cute... and told him to ENJOY!  We went a little old school with these army men because I couldn't think of anything to decorate a seventeen year old's donut cake with... apparently this was perfect because he's lining them all up on the counter top as he removes his donuts... haha!

 I'm preparing to host a Seder dinner Friday, and then an Easter brunch Sunday afternoon.  (I guess it's not called brunch if it's after noon but whatever... ) I made sweet little Easter baskets for my kiddos and the littles that will be here Friday night.  A kraft basket, some filler paper and little unwrapped bunnies were perfection amid the chaos of Easter baskets I see in the stores. (They make for sweet décor while the holiday approaches too!)

The blooming branches were from the tree in my front yard and I love the soft pink against the "It is finished sign" I painted.  Simple statements of spring, rather than an overdone space, really help me focus on the reason for these holidays and I like that.  So easy to get caught up in all the glitz in the stores, no matter the season, isn't it?  Don't laugh at me... but today I found myself creating yet another blank wall space with nothing hanging... I tell you, it's a phase of life that is giving me so much breathing room. I won't lie, I love it!

Anyway, dear ones... I hope you all have a lovely Easter and enjoy your time with loved ones. I know we'll be sorely missing my daddy this year, but Easter is my all time favorite holiday and I plan to soak up every bit of love, rest and peace as I can get!  You do the same.   


  1. Thank you so much for your beautiful inspiration! You have the best ideas. Love everything! I even cut some branches from my trees. I hope they flower like the ones you have on your counter.

    The flower arrangement that you created is so lovely.

    Happy Easter to you and your family.

  2. Gorgeous flower arrangement! Thanks for your thoughtful posts.
    A blessed Easter to you and your family. He is Risen!