Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Current color palette

 Hello dear ones.  Another quick mini-post to wind down the week! (I'm kind of digging these when I haven't got much to say but want to say hello!)  I realized that it's been a while since I walked through and snapped some recent home pics so I thought I'd do that...  then once I had uploaded them I realized that I'm surrounded by the same colors. Gray, blue, green and white... plus lots of pretty wood tones and both faux and real plant life.  (I'll probably kill all the live ones which is why I'm intermixing some faux!)

I'm just showcasing some sweet spots and little tweaks I'm loving, in case you needed any spring inspiration for creating a soothing color palette within your home.  Our small space is fairly open concept, and a designer once advised me to keep the colors all fairly similar with nothing too jarring.  I've followed that advice for years and the result has always been quite pleasing.

Above, I just added some sweet tweaks in the laundry room today...  I tossed a couple fiddle leaf fig faux branches into an old bucket I had in the garage, added a cute bowl with clothes pins and some detergent in a canister. After painting the floor, I keep this room open all the time, and I love seeing the cute transformation in here. (If you missed the floor post, do check it out, here.)

 In the windowsill I created a tiny herb garden.  (My goal... use these herbs at least twice in cooking, before they either die, or I replant them outside. Ha!)
 I am pretty proud that I grew a tiny, baby plant from the big giant one I have somehow been keeping alive.  All I did was clip some foliage and left it in a vase with water until they sprouted little roots... then I potted them!
 More blues and grays...

I recently simplified this space and I love the gray, white and blue here.  I also like having blank cubbies.  (We keep all of our home movies and wii games in those binders.  Makes for a lovely, soothing organized resource.)
 I'm aiming for another baby plant from these clippings.  Pretty soon I'll be giving one away to all of my friends!  (Actually that's a great idea.)
 Another faux plant sprig, "potted" in some rocks I had in the garage.  It's a lovely- no-kill option for the poor lighting in this office space.

Well as you can see, I really do love this color palette.  What colors speak to you?  I think once you know, you can build your home décor around them and create a restful haven for yourself and your loved ones, quite easily.



  1. I have also been adding plants to our home, which I always avoided doing in the past. So far I have managed to keep them all alive (although there have been some ups and downs!). I also love a mix of baskets, galvanised pots, timber and painted furniture. Our colours are pale green with some blues and neutrals in our living room/kitchen, also open-plan. Then we have some other rooms which are quite separate, one is my craftroom where I've gone for more of a midcentury vintage vibe with some pastel accessories, and our music room where I have painted the walls a light brown called 'puppy' because there was just too much contrast between the dark piano and heirloom furniture with lighter walls.

    I always love seeing how you mix and match around your house, and your laundry floor is great. I stencilled a frieze in our hallway in 1995 after spotting stencils throughout the movie of Little Women and I never want to paint over it, but your tile effect there is brilliant and a whole other level of stencilling magic ;)

  2. Your home is absolutely beautiful and has always been a huge source of inspiration for me especially since everything you do is usually budget friendly. I love how you make everything look wonderful without spending a fortune. That stencilled floor is AMAZING!! I miss the home tour section on your blog.