Sunday, April 15, 2018

My Spring ten item wardrobe review

Many of you may remember, that I got a hold of the Madame Chic books, by Jennifer L Scott a few years ago.  They changed my thinking, and thus my life and now it's all different and wonderful and I'm here to share my spring ten-item wardrobe today.  Now if you're just hearing about all this for the first time and going, "Wait... does this girl actually only have ten items of clothing?" You may want to  backtrack and read this post from last summer. 

I counted up my spring items and I've actually got right around ten core pieces, a couple of work-only dresses (so not sure they count) plus my basics, (think tanks, camisoles, tees) extras (think jackets, blazers, cardigans) and special occasion wear (black tie floor length dress, cocktail dress). (A couple of the items I'm sharing are possibly going away for various reasons (pants that keep falling down and a dress that stretches out with wear) but I'm including them here for now with an * at the end.) I've made a list below, so that you can see them all, laid out in black and white and I'll share sources where I am able. (I LOVE Ann Taylor. Quality, style, fit...  I think I could own one of everything if I wasn't a minimalist.)
1. Ruffled tank blouse (will be added to my summer wardrobe) -Ann Taylor
2. Striped flutter sleeve tee (will be added to my summer wardrobe) -Ann Taylor
3. White button down blouse - Amazon
4. Tie-front, stripe tunic -Ann Taylor (My current favorite with black leggings)
5. Easy stripe, button down oxford
6. & 7. Gray & fuchsia  blouses (several years old, bought at same time, same style)
8. Blush blouse- Consignment
+(Two jewel-toned, cardigan sweaters, for light, spring layering.  Part of my all-season supply of extras.)

9. Calvin Klein Skinnies
10. Olive Moto leggings * (keep falling down, looking for replacement.)
11. Black skinny pants

Everyday Dresses: 
Denim dress* (It seems to stretch with wear, so I'm debating on keeping it long term.)
Navy Travex, Dress -Eddie Bauer (I had a gray one that went up into the winter bin- LOVE this shirt dress! It's lightweight, travels beautifully and the sleeves roll so it's very versatile)
Printed cotton surplice dress -Boden (I adore this dress.  I've had it for a few years now, and it just works with everything.)

Work Attire:(Not shown as I seldom wear these, being borderline unemployed.)
Navy shirt dress- short sleeves.
Gray sleeveless belted sheath dress
Favorite Rothy's shoes... I've got the gray pointed toe and these rounded leopard flats.  I pair these shoes with just about every item in my closet. (And sweet bonus... you can get $20 off your next pair using this shopping link) (Or paste this into your browser);

If you're considering downsizing a bulging closet... I can't encourage you enough to put the time in and GO FOR IT!!  Where I once had a closet bulging with clothing I didn't wear and an ongoing love for shopping that I wished I didn't seem to have, I now have only a few, favorite items to care for, choose from, and manage.  I love going into my closet and seeing only minimal items that fit, flatter and make me feel good to wear.  I don't have a ton of choices, so I was able to invest in a few quality items when I did make a purchase. It took a couple of years to get to this point, but everything is simpler with this clothing system in place.  I keep a fall/winter bin and a summer bin on my closet shelves when not in those seasons.  I am organized and streamlined which make my days better.  I don't purchase clothing at random anymore. Instead, I shop only if I need to replace, or fill any wardrobe gaps or holes if an item is soiled beyond repair or worn out.  I

love that! It changed my life, and that's the truth.  


  1. Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaasha - can I ask a dumb question? What do you clean house/work in the year/do projects in? All I can imagine is a 50's housewife out in her peddle pushers & pearls but know that's not really the case. I feel like I can manage a smaller "nice" wardrobe but the bulk of my SAHM day demands things less...structured for lack of a better have you approached this?

  2. I love this and have been doing this for 30+ years. I think it's because I was a teacher on a tight budget and I needed to keep it scaled back. I learned to add great jewelry, shoes, and handbag to dress up any outfit. I finally am getting my husband on board. He's only buying LLBean shirts now and slowly tossing cheap ones. Less junk and more quality is nice.

  3. Thanks for sharing, love your wardrobe. I love living with less. Have a blessed week!

  4. I love how you explain things Sasha, and you just perhaps solved my question of the week - what style of shoes would fit my feet (probably a similar shaoe to yours)! Thanks dear girl