Tuesday, May 15, 2018

How to quickly update your spice drawer space

Tools of the trade.  Every job has some, and as a mama, I consider my kitchen to be my professional tool box.  I like to keep things streamlined, in working order, minimal yet highly functional.  I toss out cookbooks I no longer use, I donate gadgets that take up space and can be done the old fashioned way with a good knife (looking at you garlic press) and like to make life as easy as possible by buying pre-made, short-cut helping items for maximum efficiency, and I keep it tidy.  ALWAYS. 

The other day I was cooking, and I opened my spice drawer.  It was mostly fine... but it had also gotten un-alphabetized (I blame my family who love to do this to me as a regular prank) and a bit messy.  There were old spices that needed to be tossed out or replaced and it occurred to me that with a few moments of organizing I could really make this shine.  A quick search on Amazon and I had an inexpensive set of squared off spice jars that all matched, complete with chalk labels and a funnel... plus a white paint pen.  (I wanted the squared off ones to keep them in place!) (Here is your shopping link.) 

In about fifteen minutes, I had the entire drawer emptied, spices decanted, labelled and lined up, ready to go back in.  What I loved about this project, is that it's an instant transformation.  I don't like things that take all day and this one is a quick project.

 Here is the before...
 And the after. (I even made space for some seldom used items in a small container!)
I love that a white sharpie, paint pen (not chalk pen) doesn't easily wipe off but with some soapy water and scrubbing, it can be changed if need be.  I love the cohesiveness and do think that we all work better when our supplies are tidy and organized.  How do you store your spices?

I find myself buying only what we need, rather than huge containers at bargain stores, so that it stays fresh!  It's awfully easy to accumulate and buy big, but often that creates waste. This project really made me think about what spices I actually use on a regular basis and I was surprised by how many I never use.  I do keep a little herb garden right off the kitchen so I veer toward fresh whenever I am able.  I am hoping this post encourages you to think about how your function and figure out the best ways to make the most of your time, by making your kitchen efficient.