Monday, June 25, 2018

Well hello again.... (a home & life update)

Dear ones. I have had so many intentions of getting in some blogging time to update you all on a few little things.  I'm so happy I finally had a bit of breathing room carved into my day to make it happen! 

I have returned to work for my organizing company... I am sliding back into it in a brand new capacity though, managing photos and social media for the most part.  (Plus the occasional odd jobs, team errands and filling in for team members on vacation.  I could not love this more!)  You can still find me on Instagram like days of old, under my blogging name, @lemonademakinmama and behind the scenes at my new job @organizedatlast (We dearly LOVE it when you guys give us a follow!!)

To those who already follow me @lemonademakinmama I have not forgotten that I've promised you a maple cake recipe recently... Go here... skip the lemon extract and replace with a tsp maple extract... skip the glaze... bake in a bundt pan... you'll seriously overwhelm people with it's yumminess. (Warm a slice just slightly, about 30 seconds in the morning and it tastes like a pancake.  Perfect with an iced coffee for a lazy breakfast!)

I think Instagram has become my daily blog.  It's where I practice and share my constant photography,(and I'm serious, I have become even more avid about snapping everything lately) share stories of daily happenings, such as finding worms in my houseplant today, etc. (I just love it....the Instagram, not the worms in my plant. Ha!)

Adrain has taken a new job with a new company.  We are thrilled.  He is still working in the Insurance & Financial world, but... he has a salary + bonus structure.  Oh my how happy I was to leave 100% commission behind.  I can't even describe what that three year roller coaster was like here... it would be dozens of posts if I ever wrote them, but I just can't share those things... much too personal.  The new company approached him and the offer was too good to turn away, even though our hearts were so sad to see the door with Thrivent closing.  We loved Thrivent itself. Still, close it did and we are walking into a whole new adventure.  As ever God is good.

We have as always, been hosting many gatherings.  I share them all on Instagram, mostly tabbed in my archived stories so make sure to go check those out.  My favorite gathering thing as shown there, have been the mini bread boards from Ikea, used instead of plates.  They add such a delightfully fun element.
I believe the minimalist inside of me is growing. I continue to shed and edit life in such a way that less is continuing to become my more. I frosted my glass bookcases. I LOVE them.  Don't get me wrong, I loved the styling before, but sometimes, there just seems to be too much going on all around me, and I need calm.  Frosting the doors calmed it ALL right down.  (And if I ever changed my mind, I'll just scrape it off.  I've done that off and on to my front door, for years.)  

 With Adrain no longer needing his business office, his beautifully decorated office components came home to ME. (Can I just wave my arms here and add a "YIPPPEEEE!" I knew there was a reason I decorated it with things I didn't have but always liked!!) I put the gorgeous cowhide rug in our master bedroom, (see photos below) the hammered metal bowl is on our coffee table, now holding our collected shells, and the stump side table came home long ago when a plant that sat on it died.

His gray linen conference table chairs are now sitting around my dining table (I have thoughts on adding easy cotton or linen slip covers over all of them... someday) (You may have also noticed that I painted the tabletop white... in spite of the skeptics and love it.) 
Adrain's office art all came home too, though only the antique framed photograph of evergreen branches is hanging on my walls, above. (His office was such an incredible mix of polished masculinity.  I loved it.) 

Project wise, I made a cute wood, painted sign about coffee and created the world's best coffee bar. (Okay maybe not the world's best... but our home's best, for sure!) The best part, it's ALL stuff we use daily.  Ava uses the little spoons, the honey or sugar bowl, and I use the coffee canister, the cups and saucers and Joe uses the French press.  It's so nice to have it all displayed cutely, yet purposeful and handy! (And yes, I brought back the mug holder for our Anthro mugs.) 

Well dear ones... I wish you were sitting right here with me, drinking some of that coffee right now... I'm sure we'd come up with plenty more to chat about, but I believe that's about all I've got to update you with here, at this time.  Life is good, summer is easy, kids are both working and going nonstop, and the ache in my heart missing my daddy is starting to ease just a bit.  Thank you for being alongside us and our whole story.