Thursday, September 20, 2018

Capacity + Party (Becoming Minimalist)

I recently had a little birthday & transformed this buffet table (that I've overshared like crazy), into a party zone in about five minutes time, and I wanted to share how easy that was, based on the lifestyle I've been adapting.  

I've been sharing different aspects of becoming a minimalist, I've shared how finding your own personal capacity can really help you in the home editing process, and after this particular party experience, I felt totally validated in my choices for paring down everything and holding onto ONLY that which I love and use regularly. It made creating simple festivities a breeze and because there was so much less available in my storage spaces to choose from, it made decisions simple. (Hm... anyone hear a familiar tone there... kind of like my ten item wardrobe thoughts! The less to manage, the less to choose from, the easier life is!)  Normally, I'd hang onto too many serving and party items that might get used once a year. What I'm finding works for me these days, is having pared down "stuff" to only that which can be used again and again, in a variety of ways, with very little fuss and bother, rather than keeping something that is seldom used, in case it's needed.  

(Most of the time, if it's not something I use regularly, I can do without it on the special occasions too.) I actually gave this a lot of thought as I was working through my most recent home edit. I almost always develop a system to help me think through any processes.  It's how my mind is wired and I do it for literally every situation, including things like grocery shopping and unloading those same groceries.  Always, a system happening in my brain. Haha! 
 Throwing a party without becoming a maximalist. (grin) 
1. Establish a space that can be easily adapted for occasions. (I found myself naturally using and decorating this little table space for every occasion, so this is my newly christened "party zone." I like this better than bedecking an entire home with party goo.) 
2. Think through the types of gatherings you like or tend to host and what all that requires. (For example, I dislike having people for formal dinners, yet I enjoy casual throw-togethers such as cheese trays.) (A short example to inventory and have on hand in your home, could be platters, cheese boards, small bowls, glassware, etc.) Then be ruthless with yourself, and donate or consign all the other excess that you actually don't use, but that is taking up precious space in your home! 
 3. Determine what party pieces, serving items and d├ęcor you need/don't need and then purchase or pare down accordingly. Consider dual purpose items, such as a glass container that could hold either flowers, or a candle.  Or a round serving item that can work both decoratively as well as hold a cake. 
So, based on my little system, I used the big white vase that I've previously shown with faux fig branches, to hold my birthday flowers... I adapted a glass vessel for some candle-light, and used this wooden round (Crate and Barrel) both for the cake, as well as for this little champagne station.  I used a simple party banner that I had on hand from New Year's Eve, and decided that I may keep using it again and again because it's fun! 

 I like to use my breadboards as decoration between uses, and I love that this table has a flippable shelf that doubles as wine storage when needed and is a smooth shelf on the opposite side, when not needed....  Anything with a reversible or dual purpose usually as me at, well... "dual purpose." 

I had a sweet birthday and have been loving this new way of life.  It touches every part of how I do things these days and I'm not even an extreme minimalist.  If you're on the fence about embracing your own brand of minimalism, just consider all the time you won't be spending doing things the same old ways!  One additional perk from living this way, is that you'll find yourself sorting out the broken, chipped, non-working junk, and you'll gravitate instead, toward choosing that which is lovely, pretty, useable, etc... it will actually improve your overall quality of life. 

You'll love and know what you have, and where it all is.


  1. I am really enjoying your minimalist posts. I have been working on this for a while now too. I love my new cleaner spaces, and the fact that cleaning takes less time. I would love to see some posts on minimizing the tools you use in the kitchen. Thanks!!!

    1. Thanks girl!! I am all about not having to spend tons of time on maintenance like cleaning too!

  2. Looks like you had a nice birthday. Love that buffet table and the sunflowers. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I'm reading this at just the right time! I'll be pulling out the Halloween decorations later this week, and your thoughts will be helpful as I sort through and pare down to what I really love and want to keep!