Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Artwork (Becoming Minimalist)

A couple of years ago, I discovered the website, Unsplash.  (If you haven't ever heard about it, it's a photography site, where professional photographers donate their work and you can download and print their art, for free!) (I know, right?)

I've pared down what I hang on my walls, significantly this past year.  I have so many breathing, BARE walls now, and it feels amazing!  I highly recommend it!!  I like and enjoy changing what I do hang every so often though, so I've realized that by keeping a couple of places on my walls specifically designated for art, I can easily change things out. A 20x30 poster-sized photo print from Costco, is under $10. Just saying. It's thrifty but allows flexibility for those of us girls who enjoy changeable art.

This season, I discovered the most darling reindeer photo (we have named him Gary) and knew he was going here, above the buffet table, in a place of honor! (I'm currently on the hunt for a long-term piece above this buffet, specifically a tall, curved-top mirror in a specific price range, style and color, (duh, white.) but in the mean-time, I like having a place to use our menu chalkboard on occasion, (made this fall, which currently hangs in the hallway between my kids rooms at the moment) and other fun party items that change easily with our needs.) Note- If you're like me, you can just lean any artwork that you know will be more temporary, rather than hanging it.  I do this often, in several rooms and it works great!

I hung Gary up so we could use the buffet top when we host.  It is the perfect beverage station or self-serve snack area. For now this whole area is more or less decorative only but sometimes that is acceptable.  A quick note with the minimalism topic in the back of my mind.  This buffet is not packed to the gills. It holds two sets of cloth napkins, (a gray set and white set) some personal bread boards from Ikea, my grandmother's silver and various candles.  Just the basics for hosting, and all conveniently beside the dining table, where they make sense to be. I pared down so much hosting nonsense last year.  I know how I like to host now, and that has become casually minimalistic in the best of ways. I like having fewer choices because it takes all the guess work out.  Choosing less allows for choosing well and the better quality you own, the longer it lasts and the more likely you are to use it in the first place.  I'm proof positive that this is truth.

I have plans for this frame after the holidays are done (with a fun photo, also from Unsplash) so I didn't feel bad making the investment with my coupon in hand, at Hobby Lobby.  (Can't wait to share that with you in January!)

I removed my kiddos photos from this spot in the entryway temporarily, and hung one more fun image printed from the Unsplash site.  (Kid photos will return after the holidays) These gray ornaments are perfect here!  A simple faux tree I have had for years, plunked into a wood container that I found at Goodwill earlier this year completed the look I wanted. Simple and welcoming.
Simple and welcoming is sort of the motto I am living by these days.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on paring down your artwork areas to open up more bare, breathable walls and having just a few designated spaces for hangings.  Do you often change out your artwork or is that something you carefully choose and leave in a permanent spot year-round? (I always think I'd like to be that way... but I like to move it around too much!) 


  1. I love the simple white garland at your office door! I need to be on the look out for some! Awesome post by the way....the simplicity helps to clear my mind and is calming to read.

    1. Okay but don't laugh... I already moved it to a better spot. Wish I had more of it, then I could have it in a few different places! Haha!!

  2. I like your garland, did you make it?

  3. Gary is awesome. I have a lot of bare walls too. It's funny, because we moved into this house about a year ago, and I couldn't decide where to hang things on the wall. So there are mostly bare walls still. I kept putting off hanging any artwork, because I liked how soothing the bare walls look! So they may stay pretty bare. (I will hang a few things though, when I can make up my mind where to put things!)