Saturday, November 24, 2018

Wreath-Making party, kept simple.

 Oh hi friends.  I have so many holiday blog post ideas, and I'm so hoping I find the time to get them all written! Today, I wanted to share a small wreath-making party with you!  It was such a casual, creative affair, and didn't cost much to host either- just the cost of a few wreath hoops and forms, and some wire. I asked around and was able to source pinecones, evergreens, holly, eucalyptus, and laurel from friends.  I purchased a cedar wreath from Costco because I planned to use parts of it indoors and on the front porch, so there was plenty left for bits to be included in our wreaths.  I also dried a couple of oranges for decoratons that my friends were welcome to use as well. 

 I like parties that are small and include something that everyone gets to bring home with them. So really, this party was perfect. I need to add, that keeping both my home and holiday décor minimal, really helps with small events like this.  Cleanup takes about ten minutes, and nothing feels overdone when a minimal approach is the focus. (I'll share my holiday home tour soon!)
 To aid with easy cleanup, I unrolled paper on my island and table top.  (When we were finished, we simply rolled it all up inside the paper, folded it and tossed it, plus a quick floor sweep and that was it for cleanup!) I used a sharpie to designate items, and used a few galvanized buckets for containment.  I asked each friend ahead of time if they would prefer a traditional wreath form or a trendy hoop and then purchased a few extras at Hobby Lobby just in case.
 I gathered nippers, wire cutters and scissors in one bucket and invited friends to bring any extras to share, when I sent out the invitations. (And yes, I snail-mailed invites because that's a lost art that makes any gathering feel special, no matter how small the guest list is.) I added wire to another bucket, ribbon in another, as well as the dried orange slices.  I placed pinecones into a large canister and added cut greenery into a large bucket.

 In the end, each of us made two wreaths.  This was a small one I made to hang in my kitchen window.  I have had the antique bells for a few years and thought they would be perfect in this.
 I hung this large wreath over my artwork and I rather like the simple effect.  (Making wreaths in this style, is fairly easy and you can look up instructions online... we collected snipped bundles together, secured the ends with wire and then used more wire to wrap the bundles overlapping over each end, onto the wreath form.) My home smells amazing tonight after all of that evergreen snipping!
 No party is complete without some treats.  Our party was from 11-1pm and I popped a simple quiche into the oven to keep warm while we worked. (My favorite recipe is the Magnolia cookbook mushroom and swiss recipe... I delete the spinach and crust and add bacon... and I always split it into two pie pans so I can freeze one of them for later, after both have been baked.  They are always a huge hit.)
 The best parties and gatherings are those where everything is simple- especially the goodies.  I like this quick version of a low-carb, sparkling drink. Into a carafe, I poured 1/2 cup pomegranate juice, and topped with club soda.  In each glass, I placed a striped straw and sprig of fresh rosemary.  For festive and optional add-ins, I placed some pomegranate seeds, and dried orange slices on a tray.  It was yummy and I will be serving this again for sure.

 If you're looking for a really stress-free, creative gathering, this is one to bookmark!  Keeping food minimal helps with counter clutter and ease... keeping décor minimal helps the focus to remain on the gathering and keeping the whole thing simple allows you to enjoy it as the host.  Everybody wins!


  1. I love wreath making parties!! So fun! Do you have a dehydrator for the oranges or just low oven temp?

    1. Yay me too! I used the oven at lowest temp! Worked great.

  2. Good morning! I just spent the past couple of weeks reading your blog from the beginning.
    I have been a fan of yours for many years, reading your blog on and off. I just LOVE people's stories and I really appreciate you sharing your story with us.
    You are a very talented person and making things pretty and organized seems to come naturally for you.
    I can tell that you are enjoying the season of life that you're currently in. Your posts are so much lighter now than what they were for so many years at the beginning.
    I have enjoyed seeing your children grow up and turn into such cute teenagers.
    I love the way you speak about your husband after all these years. Your descriptions are like someone that has just gotten married.
    Thank you for keeping it real and sharing your faith with your readers.

    1. Oh thank you!! You really have no idea what a blessing and encouragement this was.

  3. What a lovely party idea! Thank you for sharing! xo

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