Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Crisp bread link... keto

Today, I am just popping in to share the link for this amazing little crisp bread recipe for those of you, looking for a low-carb, crackery-crunch this holiday season.  It is a keto recipe that I just adore.  (I had to swap out unsweetened dried white raisins for the unsweetened dried cranberries in my version, as I couldn't find the unsweet cranberries before making this.) I'm making this recipe for all my upcoming holiday cheese trays.  Yum!

The recipe is easy, which I tend to like.  It may seem fussy with having to bake the loaves, then freeze, then slice, then bake again, but girl, make this anyway. 

Also, just a note about her recipe.  I actually baked my slices for 30 min per side (so about an hour total) but just watch yours and see.  That was what produced the crisp crunch I was after. What is your favorite go-to recipe this season?  Do you have any low-carb favorites to share? 

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