Wednesday, December 19, 2018

My thoughts about Cocoa bars...

 Oooh it's countdown week!  I swear, everyplace I look, someone is telling me how many days or sleeps until Christmas, like some ominous ticking clock that I can't escape.  I feel like Captain Hook from Peter Pan! My eyebrow is starting to twitch. (Not really, I'm just being dramatic for dramatic's sake.)  And I'm ready, so if I feel like that, how must those of you still shopping or waiting on gifts, or plans feel? 

 So maybe in light of that, you need some inspiration, on something you can quietly, peacefully, and thoughtfully put together, for your family, without spending gobs on, and without having to scurry all over the place, gathering supplies? (Because most of us have cocoa and marshmallows and candy canes this time of year... and if we don't have cookies, then shame on us, and you may want to at least get cracking on that...)(clock ticks...) (grin.)

How about a simple hot cocoa bar? 
 And forgive me if the word "simple" snags my attention away for a moment.  Do you know that I word searched "simple hot cocoa bar" in Pinterest and came up with thousands of matches... and guess how many were actually "simple" in my book? If you guessed zero, you know me well. I know simple is a relative term, but I just feel like the world is out of control with the "more is better" mentality. Jars and jars and jars of things... things on stands and things on platters and in baskets and stacked and on shelves and overflowing and making my eyes hurt.  And not that there isn't a place for that, if you're hosting a big party or event, and that's your main attraction... but I made this for my kids, for daily use, and for the many gatherings we will be having in our home this next week... I truly wanted simple Cocoa.  Mugs.  Napkins.  A few mix-ins but nothing over the top! 

My solution... matching canisters, three tops.  Mugs set out for use, with candy canes for a festive pop of red.  I placed little star cookies (Trader Joes) into one canister, packets of cocoa (for less mess and saving of my sanity into another,) and fresh, soft marshmallows into another.  There is whipped cream in the fridge if people need that, and the only other décor is the Kora vase (Crate & Barrel) with fresh greens + fairy lights & tiny letterboard sign.  The best part, is that it's getting used daily.  Easy to replace the few mugs with clean ones, and pop in a new candy cane to use as the stir stick.  

 Going simpler always feels just right.  Going overboard seldom does.  This mindset is giving me the most CALM and peaceful holiday season I've ever had.  Just saying.  


  1. I did a coffee bar for our simple Christmas get together and it was perfect. Thanks for sparking that idea.....Happy New Year!!