Thursday, December 6, 2018

Quick office flip

 Hello lovelies. Just a fun post to close out the week!  Today (on a wild hair) I woke up, got my son off, tucked my sick daughter back into bed and promptly rearranged our entire family office before starting my ACTUAL (and crazy busy) day.  I think the busier I am, the more productive I get. Can any of you relate to this?  It was totally unplanned and gave me an opportunity to give this room a thorough cleaning.  This little cabinet got moved here, but it's empty, except for my letterboard letters.  I keep thinking I'll use it for office storage, but we are such minimalists on back stocked items and supplies, that I already have a place for everything.  We really don't do the "keep for just in case" thing.  We keep what we use and if we don't have it, we tend to get just what we need, rather than gobs to find storage for later...  (Looking at you, cases of printer paper that almost nobody needs that much of.)
 So here's the thing.  We used to have the office arranged like this and it was my absolute FAVE.  But then Adrain was working from home so much and there was always a computer glare so we moved things around to avoid that.  Pretty sure we tried about four configurations before finding one that was "just okay" but worked well for him.  I always longed to go back to the floating desk option.

Now that he is working for a new financial company where he meets with teachers and school staff week after week, he never uses this in the daytime.  So whohoo… I moved it back this way!
 I always get asked about cords with a floating desk.  Okay here's the scoop.  It's just downright ugly.  I know there is a cool cord cover you can get... I mean I have seen them places where cords are in high traffic areas but this is like two feet.  So my solution back when we did this the first time, and again now... clear packing tape.  It didn't leave a residue when I did it before and it keeps that cord down.  It's not the prettiest, but... real life.  Ya know? Also, wrapping paper... because... prettyyyyy.
 Desktop is minimal but every desk needs some green. (White pencils came from Amazon, years ago.) This plant is surprisingly still alive.  I've even done my best to kill it by forgetting to water it nearly constantly. I do believe this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
 And lastly.  My husband uses this little corner each morning for his bible reading, etc. (This chair's partner got temporarily moved into the garage.  I'm currently deciding it's future fate.)  I pulled in a garden stool that was being stored for winter, and it will work great for now.  Nothing new... just old items, used in new ways, which is always my favorite and most inspiring way to live. This whole thing took about a half hour to figure out, clean and put back. Yet one more perk for minimalist living. (No, I'm never getting off this little platform. Haha!) 

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