Welcome to the Lemonade Makin' Mama blog. 

Hello, my name is Sasha and I've been blogging here since 2008.  I didn't start "making lemonade" until the following year. One day, during an especially chaotic Mama moment, I told a friend that, "Life was handing me lemons, and I needed to get them organized before I could make lemonade out of them!" A brand new blog name was born in that moment, and this little site hasn't been the same since.   I am married to my dreamy high school sweetheart. and the mother of two pre-teens.  I adore Jesus and try to follow Him daily in ways that bless others. I believe in deep talks, good cries, and contagious laughter. Stick around here long enough and you might get to experience all of the above...

Around here, you're likely to find a little bit of everything on any given day- creativity, amateur photography, recipes, faith, and real life.  I try to post a minimum of two or three times a week, however, I don't follow any rules but the ones in my heart, so it changes on a whim. 

I love: 
ice water with lemon wedges, polka dots, picnics, striped socks, old books, feather pillows,
  galvanized metal, popcorn, taking photographs, moments with my Savior, charades, overnights away
 white Christmas lights, cowgirl boots, twine, new lip gloss, ruffles, chippy paint, watching the tide come in 
getting all dressed up, white blankets, hymns, boxwood shrubs, white candles, pomegranites
sea salted dark chocolate, giggling with girlfriends, sipping iced tea, wrapping gifts
clean sheets, date nights with my man, red barns, sea shells, standing in church with my family
babies, baking cookies, snow, handbags, painted toenails, good quotes
pink tulip, surprises in the mailbox, cherry bomb red, homemade caramel, painting
good ideas, the smell of leather, cooking barefoot, ella fitzgerald playing in the background
talking it over until the sun goes down
spontaneous hugs from my children
& laughter


Though  you may come here for many reasons, I'm praying that your ultimately refreshed by this truth: 
 "But whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life." 
John 4:14

Which is why I want to share my faith story with you.... I began blogging in 2008, as a way to share my life as a wife and mother.  It quickly morphed from a hobby, into a much more personal space where I often share my heart, my struggles, and my beliefs. (Along with a bit of decorating, baking, and photos of course.)  I've always been very quick to assure my readers that if they don't believe what I do, they are SO welcome here.  I won't ever judge your differing beliefs, but I also won't ever apologize or back down from what I believe.  If you believe differently, please know how precious you are to me and how much I appreciate you being here.  Not all of my real life friends believe the same way I do either, or agree with me on this topic.  But they know where I stand, and that I don't love them any less.  My life has been an unfolding of one instance of faith after another, answered with an undeniable security in the knowledge that God not only loves me deeply, but that He also has a plan for my life that includes both blessings and hardships.  I delight in the many blessings and I trust Him in the hardships as I draw strength from His promises and develop character in the lessons they bring.  He has never failed me and I can confidently say that He will not fail you either. 

I was a preacher's kid growing up, in country-town, Montana.  It was an awesome childhood and I knew all about Jesus, and had even asked Him in prayer, to be my Savior, but I didn't know Him very well.  I never really spent the time to get to know Him or really even follow Him. I married my high school sweetheart at age of 20 and worked at a bank to help put him through college.  Well, we were young and broke and our plans didn't go like we thought they would at all.  That's a very long story for another day but it was hard going for several years.  It spun us into some intense marriage issues and I didn't feel that I could turn to one single person for help or guidance.  After considering my options, I dug out my dusty bible and started reading it and praying about my situation.  I needed help making sense of my life.

I realized of course, that my failures and wrong choices were truly separating me from a Creator who loved deeply. I knew I wasn't perfect. I'd heard all my life, about how sin separates us from God.  I was familiar with an age-old drawing that showed a stick figure "me" on one side of a chasm and God on the opposite side.  I yawned through the idea that my sin created that chasm and the only possible bridge that could close the gap of separation and make a way for me to walk across to spend eternity with God, was the cross that Jesus Christ died on when he gave his life in our place.  Being in a broken place with my dearest relationship made me long for a relationship with God, though it took a while to put my finger on the hole I kept trying to fill in my heart.  I wanted someone on my side.  Someone who could see into my heart and the heart of the man I loved, and fix it all.  Suddenly that chasm terrified me.  I didn't want to be separated from God any more than I wanted this emotional separation from my husband.  I made my faith my very own that year, seeking God's answers and listening to His whispers to forgive. I read in the bible, (something that had always kind of bored me in the past, if I was honest) that when you "...seek the LORD your God, you will find him if you seek him with all your heart and with all your soul." (Deuteronomy 4:29b) I wanted to find HIM!!  Never before had I sought Him so intensely.  Desperation, heartache and need will do that to a person.

But guess what?  His words came alive on the pages and I fell madly in love with God, of all things!  I no longer felt alone in my hurts because I had Someone to take them to.  I learned to hear His whispers in my heart and act on His promptings which often meant swallowing my pride and hurt and extending a hand in love, toward another.  I got a front row seat as I watched God do some amazing things not only in my heart, but in my husband's heart as well.  Our marriage, family and life has never been the same.

So you see, I will always attack every problem in my life from the angle that God has a plan for me, and an answer. I'm not sure where you're at right now, or even what prompted you to click on this tab.  But I know He has a plan for your life too.  If you long for a relationship like the one I have described, and a way to close the chasm between you and a very mighty GOD who sees you and loves you dearly, I like the way this site explains it.  (They even have a version of the chasm drawing I mentioned.)

Jeremiah 29:11"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Romans 5:8 "But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us."